Froyo Themers - An Offer & A Request

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Oct 13, 2009
Auckland, NZ
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Hi themers,

Over the last weeks I've seen some amazing themes and styles for the deodexed Froyo roms, I'm genuinely impressed with the creativity and artistic skill. There's also clearly a high demand for such themes as a casual read of the various threads indicate.

However, I've seen a significant increase in the number of theme-related problems people are having. In my observation some of this is because people don't read carefully but some is also because clear direction is not provided.

As themers will now be aware, the dependencies between roms, frameworks, apps and themes can be quite complex. Typically a theme built for one rom may experience problems with applied to a different rom.

So, I'd like us to pull together to help the user community. All I ask is that you explicitly list roms you have tested your theme on and include this, with version numbers, clearly in your download links post. Of course users may still not follow instructions but you've done your best.

In return, and on the hope that it will make your job easier, I am happy to help you get your theme up and running on Kang-o-rama. I can provide pre-patched frameworks, support and assistance. This assistance may also help you with other roms but I can't make any promises here.

Ultimately, if we collaborate on this you'll probably be able to release more update.zips instead or morphs which I feel will probably lesson the support burden over time.

It's great if you don't need this support, but I'd like to make the Kang-o-rama user experience as seamless as possible, during install and every day thereafter. If supporting you helps me achieve that aim then it's worth my investment.

So, if you're creating a theme for Kang-o-rama and would like my help, guidance or insight, please feel free to send me a PM with a clear subject line.

(Although I'm going on holiday in a week...)