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Mar 8, 2018
Hello every body
I am using OnePlus 7T running on 10.3.8 (Indian variant) and rooted with Magisk v 22100, i am having a problem were i cant start my phone, what happen is that uninstalled two Apps (Google Duo & Cloud Services from oneplus) by using Debloat, i rebooted my device only once after i unstilled those two apps, what happened is that my phone went to boot loop animation, i have tried several ways to fix this issue by:

1) I boot with a magisk core only patched Boot image but what happened is that it stuck at the home screen without any apps even i can't pull down the notification drawer


2) I went to Safe mode = still stuck at Home screen with no response att all
3) I tried by extracting the boot.img by using Payload dumper then booting it by using fastboot command, same issue = stuck at home screen
4) I tried by erasing cash, same issue = stuck at home screen without any apps
4) I tried by using this command (adb wait-for-device shell magisk --remove-modules) still no success
device shell.PNG

5) I tried by using TWRP (fastboot twrp.img) but the problem is that it doesn't show the internal device so i can go to Advanced / File Manager / Data/ ADB so i can delete the modules as shown in the youtube below (how can i see the internal storage)


I pretty sure that there is a way to fix this problem that i cant figure out and very confident that some experts here can

Please Help

Regards ...
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