FRP Lock Phone UNLOCK Cant boot, cant use recovery

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New member
Mar 5, 2021
I'm quite noob at this and guess i just bricked my phone but would like some sugestions to see if i can bring it back
Basicly i was trying to root my phone i had factory reseted my phone and had Phone UNLOCKED and FRP UNLOCK, installed TWRP and boot my phone, it was working fine but since it was factory reseted it didnt had a google account, so i tried to install a custom ROM, but since i had EMUI 5 there werent many compative and in the process i somewhat messed up and every time i booted my phone it always send me to TWRP, so i tried to look for a stock firmware to install but it didnt work, then i had th stupid ideia to use DC-Unlocker to reset my phone to factory settings and it Locked FRP, now i cant unlock it because i cant boot normally and cant enter TWRP either, is there any way to unlock FRP without booting my phone?
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