Frustrating S9 Plus


New member
Feb 23, 2021
Maybe someone has an idea.

I recently purchased a S9 Plus from Walmart. Brand new. Its and American model SM-G965U.

Build: PPR1.180610.011.G965USQU6CSI2
Snapdragon Processor: (wish I had known earlier what a pain to root)
Android Patch Sept 1 2019.
Hardware Rev1.1

Kernel Ver: 4.9.112-16732439
#2 Fri Sep 6 13:23 KST 2019

Now here's the issue

I lose signal when I KNOW that it should not happen.

Example. Live north of Toronto, big major city, lots of cell towers but my phone shows only 1 sometimes 2 bars. GF has an apple same carrier it shows 4 bars. Switch SIMS with her and I still only get 2 bars.
Take my SIM and put it into an old S7 and BAM. 4 Bars.
My little S7 would have a strong signal that even at the cottage I could stream music. The S9 says no way.
Got a new SIM card thought maybe it's damaged. Nope No Change.
Switched carriers, installed another new SIM, still the same.

Have wiped and re-installed countless times all to the same effect no change.

Signal strength readings are always low generally between -103 - -117 32 asu

Not sure if it matters Network Connections are 2g/3g/LTE however at the top right of the home screen it shows signal strength and it switches to 4G . Do I need a 4 G phone plan???

I think its a hardware issue which brings me full circle. Is it possible to do a firmware upgrade? Or do i throw this thing in the garbage?

Appreciate everyone's help.

Peace out



Mar 26, 2007
Sometimes a firmware upgrade can help, have you tried it yet? Firmware updates also include security patches and they are important to have.

But, it could also be a loose connection with the antenna. If it is a hardware issue it is hard to do anything about it without replacing device. Can you try with another one?


New member
Feb 23, 2021

Thanks for the reply. I took my old S7 threw the SIM card and its smoking.

In hindsight I think You are correct. Loose antenna would be exactly what I am experiencing. (kinda silly I didn't think of that)

I'm going to return the device and ask the reseller for a replacement .

Its just as well , I have way to may other projects on the building an offset reverse flow smoker..bbq season will soon be here.

Lets close this thread and say good bye

Thanks again

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