[FTF][Android 7.1.1][ROOT][R/W][32.4.A.1.54] E66xx + Patched Kernels (Google Drive)

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    So many LEECHERS exist, It's not hard to press a button..


    Hi xda users,
    I am very pleased to present LATEST NOUGAT FTFs Google Drive Mirror, Patched Kernels and TWRP .
    I spend lots of time and bandwidth for you, so please hit
    Thanks :fingers-crossed: button and comment below..

    Bootloader LOCKED Devices
    -Just follow 1 to 14 steps

    Bootloader UN-LOCKED Devices
    -Just follow 1 to 30 steps

    Google Drive Mirror File List

    -7.1.1 (32.4.A.1.54) FTFs (E6603, E6633, E6653, E6683)
    -Patched Kernels
    -TWRP thanks to @kv123
    -ROOT Methods (SuperSU, phh and Magisk)
    -Flashtool, Flashtool-drivers (


    Click this for List view

    Patched Kernel Specifications
    • sony-ric
    • dm-verity
    • drm-fix
    • busybox-1.26.2
    • fully /system read&write access

    If r/w didn't work for you, please do that. It will be fixed.
    1.Install Termux on Play Store.
    2.Write "su" command and give root access.
    3.Then write this
     echo 0 > /sys/kernel/security/sony_ric/enable
    4.Lastly write this
    busybox mount -o rw,remount,rw /system
    Done :)

    Step by Step Installation

    • Install Flashtool & Drivers
    • Flash FTF
    • Flash Patched Kernel & TWRP
    • Flash ROOT

    1-) Install flashtool-
    2-) Copy x10flasher.jar file into "C:\Flashtool", open Flashtool wait until process done then quit program.
    3-) Disable "Driver Signature Verification"

    Windows 7 : Tap F8 while booting and select required option
    Windows 8, 8.1, 10 : Read This Instructions

    4-) Install Flashtool-drivers.exe (flashmode, fastboot, z5)
    5-) Copy FTF file into "C:\Users\YOUR PC NAME\.flashTool\firmwares"
    6-) Backup your Photos & Videos & Musics etc. on Internal Memory to SDCard or PC
    7-) Shutdown your phone
    :cool: Open Flashtool (x32 suggested)
    9-) Click Flash button (top left) then Ok button, select FTF on left side
    10-) Select ALL wipe options, no NEED Misc TA for every flash (SKIP this, if you want to just UPDATE and keep data)


    11-) Click Flash button, wait 1 minute (you will see an info)
    12-) Push VOLUME DOWN button, then connect phone to pc (green led)
    13-) When flashing done, disconnect and boot-up your phone, complete setup wizard (required)
    14-) If you want to use Patched Kernel or ROOT your phone then continue otherwise flashing FTF process done

    You have to BL Unlocked device to continue..

    15-) Shutdown your phone
    16-) Push VOLUME UP button, then connect phone to pc (blue led)
    17-) Copy 32.4.A.1.54_E66XX.img and twrp_recovery.img file into "C:\Flashtool\x10flasher_lib"
    1:cool: Open "C:\Flashtool\x10flasher_lib" folder
    19-) Then press LEFT SHIFT and click mouse right button into this folder
    20-) Then press Open command window here option
    21-) Then type this code into cmd (xx your model)

    fastboot.exe flash [COLOR="red"]boot[/COLOR] 32.4.A.1.54_E66[COLOR="red"]xx[/COLOR].img
    fastboot.exe flash [COLOR="red"]recovery[/COLOR] twrp_recovery.img

    22-) Disconnect your phone and boot-up (required)
    23-) If you want to ROOT your phone then continue otherwise flashing Patched Kernel process done
    24-) Put ROOT files into Internal Memory

    SuperSU - Most common root solution
    phh's Superuser - I think best root solution
    Magisk - Module solution & It has built-in phh root solution

    25-) Boot-up your phone into TWRP

    -TWRP : Volume DOWN + Power

    26-) If you want to use SuperSU, just flash zip and reboot
    27-) If you want to use phh, just flash zip and reboot You have to install "me.phh.superuser.apk"

    Latest Magisk
    Latest Magisk Uninstaller

    2:cool: If you want to use SuperSU & Magisk, flash SuperSU first then Magisk then Install Magisk Manager
    29-) If you want to use Magisk, flash latest Magisk then Install Magisk Manager
    30-) Have fun :fingers-crossed:

    You can delete ALL System Apps with System App Remover ROOT APP
    HELP ME!

    HI :3
    a request, could use the same kernel of the Latin American version of the model 6603? since I use that version, and this device and has the fingerprint sensor, please, I currently use the kernel of the US version and I do not have the fingerprint sensor enabled, or is there any way to reactivate this sensor with the American kernel?

    First of all I would like to thank you for creating such an amazing and detailed guide. It worked perfectly for me.

    I have a question though....

    I have been facing the issue like thousands of other with my fingerprint scanner. Even after flashing this ROM, Patched Kernal and Rooting my device, I could not find finger print scanner.

    It used to work perfectly before I updated to Android 7.1.1.

    My Question is...

    Is it possible to have only a flash able zip file dedicated to fingerprint only where I don't have to install the whole ROM again because I'm very happy with the .ftf file you provided.

    Is there any possibility that I could flash only a small fraction of software that include FingerPrint functionality for my Xperia Z5?

    Thank You

    For your Time.

    I dont know the reason to lose fingerprint, so If you want to try, flash your stock version via XperiFirm then send to me kernel.sin file, then I will patch your kernel for you..