FTF LTE Germany C6833-14.3.A.0.681

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Oct 10, 2008
can you please also put up the md5 hash? mine seems to be currupted somehow ... thanks


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Sep 26, 2011
can you please also put up the md5 hash? mine seems to be currupted somehow ... thanks

FYI, 681 ftf works only with flashtool version 0.9.15.. could be the reason why u think ftf's corrupt.

i was one of the (un?)lucky early-birds to spot the first 681 FTF here on xda... i'd spent several horrible minutes scared out of my wits waiting for flashtool 0.9.13 to unfreeze while flashing the FTF i'd first downloaded.... too scared of bricking my phone to cancel coz the progress bar that dint move past 5% ... took a chance and unplugged after the longest 20 minutes of my life...downloaded another FTF... flashed again... still faced the same issue.. dint spend too much time to cancel the second time it happened... googled flashtool errors in general .. figured from another forum and another thread (non ZU related) that it helps sometimes to flash FTFs with the latest flashtool version..downloaded 0.9.15 and voila... that indeed helped... i see now on xda that several others shared the same experience using older flashtool versions.. and that 681 does need new flashtool version to be flashed properly... hope this helps... or that u've already figured that out by now..


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Jan 21, 2011
Te Awamutu, New Zealand
Yes more apps but that doesn't mean that there are more services or that it will be slower.

What do you mean by slower? Benchmark or just the user interface?

I found it quite fast most of the time except every so often it later for 1/2 a second. Live wallpaper problem?

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