FTVLaunchX: custom launcher, no root (replacement for LauncherHijack)

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Aug 19, 2015
I use this for Months, and it works good.
But when i try to go to appstore, i dont see app.
I dont know which apps i can update also.

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    Welcome to FTVLaunchX – a simple helper application to allow custom launchers on Amazon Fire TV devices – no root required!

    It is inspired by the famous LauncherHijack of @BaronKiko and tries to overcome several issues relating to it:

    - Reliably intercepts any & all presses of the home button
    - Starts the selected launcher on boot
    - Starts the selected launcher when waking up from sleep
    - Fixes the ominous missing-cursor bug in Silk
    - etc.

    Please find a thorough description, installation instructions as well as the source code over here:

    Get the APK: FTVLaunchX-1.0.1

    EDIT: uploaded new release 1.0.1!

    If you want to say Thank You or fund further development, then feel free to drop me buck or two, see https://github.com/codefaktor/FTVLaunchX#Donations

    Please report back if you did test on your devices (so far tested on Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen & Fire TV Stick 4K) – I will watch this thread for any issues and/or feature requests.
    To fix VoiceView Problem in hulu, Netflix and YouTube, open adb shell and enter the commands.
    pm disable-user com.svox.pico
    pm disable-user com.ivona.orchestrator
    pm disable-user com.ivona.tts.oem
    pm disable-user com.amazon.logan

    FireTV Settings v1.2 For Mantis (Can also work on 7.1.1 and later)
    View attachment 4998341

    For Launcher for FireTV and ShieldTV
    go to this post.

    Press :good: it makes me wanna help. :D
    @SweenWolf could there be a setting somehow to open the menu of installed apps (com.amazon.venezia) instead of network settings on long press home (or any other key combo) for FireTV-Settings? That would be awesome to quick launch / change any installed apps. ?

    It is indeed a great idea,
    It's easier to switch b/w apps by using this, if not wanting to switch then we can press back to to back to previous app.

    Anyway here's an update.

    Pressing back on Settings now takes you to Custom home.
    Long press opens Amazon Default Apps Screen (wait 800ms)
    Double Tap opens Amazon Settings (time increased to 300 ms)
    Long press now works with any app.
    (Tested on Mantis)

    These options are needed to be enabled first in the settings.
    Just want to say Thank you very much for your hard work! I have your launcher and FTVLauncherX on 3 firesticks with Skel40's debloated rom and everything I need works great. Thanks again!

    That was fast. Thanks, works great.
    @SweenWolf, do you have paypal? Would gladly donate something.

    Thank you guys, really appreciate that.

    Here is an update for Wolf Launcher for FireTV.
    It can now be set as Default Home on Rooted FireTVs.
    Thank you so much! I finally have my cursor back in the Silk Browser because of this!

    Glad that it works for you and you like it :) The main reason why I was creating it was this pesty cursor bug...

    Oh, on what kind of device are you using it? Am looking for someone to test it on a Fire TV Cube with Fire OS 7 / Android 9...