Full DVB-C/T/T2/S PVR running tvheadend and stock based kernel (incl NTFS support)!

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    About the Shield TV PVR Project
    I wanted to use my NVidia Shield TV not just for gaming and Netflix, but did not like the idea to loose the (in my view) really cool wifi remote and gamepad by switching to 'that other full android' image that is currently available on xda. So i decided to jump on the road and add those few additional features I was missing to the stock system by myself..

    After some (many) hours of work to get the nvidia supplied source packages trimmed down and fixing bugs in the kernel, I can finally say its running pretty good now!

    Here is what is working right now:
    - A full kernel compile can be done in just about 3-8 minutes contrary to more than one and a half hours when using the unmodified nvidia package

    - The stripped down development package I built is only taking about 1.5 GB of harddrive space, there is no need to download all of these 20+ GB of mixed stuff from the slow nvidia servers anymore, no need to wait for the repo tool to unpack and etc - its just fetch and compile a bootimage right away.

    - I have added full NTFS (r+w) support to the kernel, so you can just plug-in any ntfs formatted harddrive or usb stick and use it like the fat32 formatted drives that were already supported.

    - I have added DVBAPI support back into the kernel so you can plug-in a supported DVB-C/DVB-S/DVB-S2/DVB-T/DVB-T2 tuner stick and use it to watch, record and stream live TV from your shield - full PVR powers baby! :) (I had to patch the base kernel to allow that as there was some 32/64 bit ioctl compatibility issue that I think was one of the reasons why nvidia did not include dvbapi - it took a long time googling around to get this working..)

    - I have built the latest tvheadend server version from source aswell, on my shield it gets started using a bootscript and its really easy to install using adb

    This is my current setup:
    I have connected 3 DVBSky DVB-C/T/T2 USB tuner sticks to a powered USB 3.0 hub and plugged that into the shield. Since there were no drivers for my usb stick brand available, I have patched the dvbsky branch of the kernel tree with a backported version of these drivers. (For those of you that have different brand sticks, there are 2 other branches available, one with all the stock kernel-supplied dvb drivers, one with all the drivers from media_tree). It is now easily possible to

    watch live TV (using Kodi with tvheadend htsp plugin) with full EPG etc

    stream live TV to the kids room (my kids are using kodi installed on a fire tv stick that is connected to an old 19" lcd screen)

    stream transcoded (bandwidth saving) live tv to my tablet and smartphone over the internet

    record tv shows on demand, timers can be programmed using a smartphone (tvheadend helper app) aswell as through the kodi interface

    All these features are in heavy use by my family right now and without any real impact on the overall speed of the shield console - read: completely transparent in the background! (I have attached a 500 GB USB 3.0 hard drive (ntfs formatted) to the shield for storage of the recorded tv shows - obiously.)

    Get yourself a Shield PVR
    Just grab a linux-supported tuner stick and a harddrive, flash one of the precompiled kernels and install tvheadend from my androidfilehost area - it surely is not for the fainthearted as there are currently no step-by-step instructions, but I think everyone with a little knowledge on how to use adb and fastboot can do it.

    Of course I will try to help out if you run into problems, you can post your questions/suggestions/bug reports into the issue tracker or to my thread at xda.

    If you want to say thanks and help continuing my work you can hit that donate button on my androidfilehost area, it is not in any way required tho. If you want to contribute code/patches/ideas - just do so using the usual channels (issue tracker, xda thread).

    How do I get set up for development?
    Check the official repo wiki page, I have added some scripting code examples and etc to the wiki there.

    Check my twitter account aswell for latest updates and a preview video showing my actual shield in action!

    Androidfilehost (prebuilt images): https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=48701
    Github repo: https://bitbucket.org/nopnop9090/shieldtv-kernel
    Wiki: https://bitbucket.org/nopnop9090/shieldtv-kernel/wiki
    Hi all,

    Sources for Shield Experience 5.1 are on my bitbucket repo aprox 1GB to download instead of 15GB for official source.

    Precompiled kernel for 16gb shield[2015] on my dropbox here

    For 2017 shield and pro version, you can compile your kernel from my source.

    New link here
    The developer is probably busy.
    If there are any other devs out there that can contribute.. don't be shy

    Hi All,

    I have compiled the kernel for SATV-3.0 with static drivers and ntfs-rw support. My cheap RTL2832U usb tuner works great.
    To autostart tvheadend provided by nopnop9090, i need to install SuperSu 2.65 through TWRP and put boot script in /su/su.d.
    You can find it in my dropbox. https: // www . dropbox . com / s / zosrn6j759bal01 / SATV.3.0.dvb.static.tar.bz2 ? dl=0

    Some adapter needs firmware files to work.

    Any reviews are appreciated.
    Kernel with DVBSky module and NTFS support for 16GB Shield would be great :)

    Kernel for 16G version recompiled with builtin loadable modules and media_build modules.
    I have modified kernel to search firmware files in /data/firmware to avoid modifying /system.

    You need to load kernel modules in the right order (tuner module before dvb-usb* modules)

    https: // www. dropbox. com/s/1xbw11x4obfhf6j/kernel-modules-media_build.tar.gz?dl=0
    So Firmware 3.0 is out now.
    Can you provide new modified Kernels for the new firmware?
    sorry for being away lately and thanks to slamride, crnkoj and all the others that help out each other... as for the marshmallow update, i am waiting for nvidia to release the 3.0 sources, the updated package will be available shortly after.

    tvheadend status: as there are issues getting hdhomerun network tuners working I am trying to patch the needed code into it - its progressing slowly because I have to wait for some testers to check out each build etc, but that way it may be even possible to get full hw accelerated transcoding to work (more on that later)

    general status: there are some issues with the shield usb 3.0 controller and my usb tuners if there is more than 1 tuner connected to the shield at once. I am now trying to build a "immediate filter driver" that sits between the dvbsky t330 driver and the usb subsystem to filter out some garbage data - as with the tvheadend part, there is already some progress but there are definately not enough hours in a single day ..