Full Stable J5 rom for core prime (g360f) v.3

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Apr 3, 2015
OnePlus 6
I have done everything that he wrote in this post step by step using also attached files


What do you mean by "Download the latest firmware for your region"?
Right now I had to restore the latest original Samsung firmware version for my italian G360F. I got it from the Sammobile site and used Odin 3.13.

I was talking about restoring stock firmware which you did.. This J5 ROM doesn't seem to be working as I said before. So use something in development section.

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    stop making j5 rom ... try to make Lineage OS for SM-G360F. thats what we all need .
    I have a Samsung SM G360F with last no brand italian firmware. I tried to flash my phone with J5 ROM and i reboot it, but my phone is freezed on Samsung logo during powering on and it showes "ODIN MODE", "PRODUCT NAME: sm-G360f", "CURRENT BINARY: Custom", "SYSTEM STATUS: Custom", "REACTIVATION LOCK(KK): OFF, "KNOX WARRENTY VOID: 0x1 (4)","QUALCOM SECURITY BOOT: Enable (CS8)", "AP SWREV: S1, T1, H1, R1, A1, P1" "SECURE DOWNLOAD: ENABLE".
    Why? How i can solve this problem? What can i do?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Is it need root my phone before i flash with ROM J5?

    Which ROM did you flashed via odin? STOCK rom?
    If you flashed this ROM then it's your bad day. Because this looks like a fake. Many people did complained about that..

    Download the latest firmware for your region and flash it via odin 3.09 (Because I face some confusions with 3.11+ versions like not flashing properly with older devices)..
    And no you don't need your phone rooted for flashing the firmware..

    Hit thanks if helped. :p

    PS: Please describe the steps you took to flash the firmware