Fun Money for the devs Lets Give back!: G2 Full root / Nand Unlock

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Jun 17, 2010
North Carolina
Hey Guys,


Money has been turned over to scotty. He will move it around to a few other people that deserve some.

Mods. Please lock this thread. and do not donate anymore to my link.

If you feel i should get something out of this for setting this up and doing all the work to keep it organized you may donate to the link on my signature.

Thanks all! we did it!

NOTE: Vote this page to go to the front page. I think it deserves it. Lets Get some press on XDA!

10/9/2010 -


Bounty: Not Collected. Will talk later to scotty.

If you want to make more donations before i hand it over. Send it. before 3pm.

If you want to send me some for making this possible please use my paypal link.

Thanks all!

You can send the money to me here (G2 Root Fund):

My Link is

Pledges In My Account:
Rhcp0112345 - $20 (In my account)
jonnybueno - $20 (In my account)
xdviper - $1 (In my account)
slim00 - $20 (In My Account)
janus zeal - $25 (In My Account)
dantheman_ - $20 (In My Account)
gurk04 - $50 ( In My Account)
Franky1029 - $10 (In My Account)
mnasledov - $60 (In My Account)
mpmilestogo - $225 (In My Account)
schreinereiner - $20 (In My Account)
sheepdawg - $20 (In My Account)
Sidd - $20 (In My Account)
richardsb - $20 (In My account)
Corylulu - $40 (In My Account)
Adam - $20 (In My Account)
Bret - $20.00 (In My Account)
Nicola - $5 (In My Account)
Kgold708 - $34.00 (In My Account)
Strategical Networks - $25.00 (In My Account)
smrast - $10 (In My Account)
Crazedfan88 - $20 (In My Account)
DanP- $20 (In My Account)
phateless - $20 (In My Account)
GilbertP23 - $20 (In My Account)
wilnotdie - $40 (In My Account)
halfak - $50 (In My Account) - $10 (In My Account)
joebobjoe - $10 (In My Account)
mwburden - $20 (In My Account)
emroserie - $25 (In My Account)
ericc191 - $20 (In My Account)
rob.ladd - $20 (In My Account)
cparekh - $20 (In My Account)
starkruzr - $20 (In My Account)
lafa - $20 (In My account)
luis - $20 (In My Account)
Bagel King - $20 (In My Account)
nashyrocks - $20 (In My Account)
Paul - $20 (In My Account)
Kevin - $40 (In My Account)
zloboman - $25 (In my account)
Mark - $20 (In My Account)
Andrew - $10 (In My Account)
kidd657 - $10 ( In My Account)
SentientPC - $10 (In My Account)
Leonardo - $20 (In My Account)
littlewave - $5 (In My Account)
Circledog - $10 (In My Account)
Total: $1260!!!!!!!!!

Verbal Pledges Still waiting on the donation fund:

sundar2012 - $50 (Verbal)
Jamalia - $20 (Verbal)
WilliamStern - $20 (Verbal)
adp21 - $20 (Verbal)

Total Unclaimed Funds: $120
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May 12, 2009
I believe there were actually already 2 threads for this and they got closed

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Jun 17, 2010
North Carolina
We divide it equally among the people. Or send direct to the team. Quite simple.

And yes there have been threads. But this is real.

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Feb 24, 2010
Hong Kong
yeah there are threads before
but few did make their commitment
I think the devs should make a donate version of the root app once it comes out


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Jul 20, 2010
I'm in for $20, pm me and I'll send $20 by mail. Paypal has an old card # of mine and its a huge PITA to update it so I've been avoiding it for the last year or so. Only used it for ebay and that's also PITA. BUT $20 In an envelope, no problem.
I have to say get the dough up front. This pledge stuff isn't going to work out, you'll be lucky to get 50-60% of what's promised. I won't be involved in something where a dev gets stiffed for their hard work. IDK Maybe talk to a mod or something, just trying to help.


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Jun 17, 2010
North Carolina

You can say here how much you will pledge for the bounty and be bound to send it if the bounty is done.

Or you may send it to me for safe keeping.

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Jun 17, 2010
North Carolina
OP updated. we are now up to $80. I'd like to see this get up to $200 or so. To help the devs. Im sure a few bricked a phone.

if you want me to hold on-to the money. You can paypal me it as a personal->Living expense to my signature. If no bounty is claimed I will refund all parties.


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Aug 9, 2009
Union City California
100.00 full and permanent root. that's my pledge. When I see that root is given by applying some kind of package or logic or software or whatever, I'll provide paypal 100.00 US to be split up. This is valuable to me. I don't even have a G2 yet but I want to void that warranty in many evil ways :)
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