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Fun with Diamond Camera

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Oct 10, 2008
Hi there!

Today I had a little fun with my Diamond using the camera to produce some kind of false color realtime background picture (or better background video?) in fullscreen (full 480x640 !).

This is what it looks like:

Well, it's a little bit battery consuming and somehow disturbing to look at, so it's not really usable, but it's a funny thing, isn't it?

;) cheers


Aug 21, 2007
Well... It's incredible!! Are you sure it isn't a fake!!???
How do you managed it ? How do you configure manile to be trasparent with camera underneath?
So curious!!


Senior Member
Sep 24, 2008
can this be made into a program that you can just run on demand rather than just being on at all times? so we can run it to play around with it then turn it off when your done?


Oct 8, 2007
Its a fake. He dont want or he cant tell us how it works.
He just want that we beg to him " Oooo please show us how it works, youre the best etc."
I think he just need attention and nothing more.
Poor guy.
Nov 19, 2006

look at 16-18sec. when he moves the D closer but the image of the computermag onscreen does not get any smaller

also the angle is not right given the fact that the d camera records 90 dregrees to the screen


Senior Member
May 1, 2006
You know it's actually logically quite simple to make such a program using video overlay as was used on older Windows operating systems before the DWM came to light.

What the deveolper has probably done is made a theme for the diamond that has alot of a single colour, most likely magenta, as this is not used often in WM6.1 (to my knowledge). All one has to do then, is render video onto any area of the screen which is pink. Using this technique, you could most likely render pre-recorded video onto the screen. If a program is created to sit ontop of all other windows, and remain ontop, and simply pass through stylus entry underneath it, then this is actually a relatively simple things to do...

This method explains how the bars appear transparent, but other visual elements do not. It also explaint why you can see aliasing around fonts and visual elements, as well as no transparensy on the Manila slidey bar thingy.

Raging Idiot

New member
Apr 20, 2007
It appears the video is real time.
As for the part at 16-18 seconds, well that effect is caused by just moving the camcorder closer to the phone and at a slightly different angle. It can be seen happening throughout the video.

No one in their right mind would choreograph the exact steps and angles to match the video this exactly. It would take many hours I assure you. Therefore the video must be real time.

However, the elements displayed in the foreground could be faked. Lucky me, I have a 61" monitor/hdtv that I can see some elements rather clearly. One of those elements is the time displayed on the phone.
At 20s into the video the clock turns
at 1m17s its

Do the math. Where did the 3 seconds go?

Perhaps he just edited out 3 seconds where it displayed his name or something similar. The world may never know..
If it's all indeed a fake, then why would someone do this? Advertising the newspaper on the table maybe? Or just for kicks... If it's just for kicks then likely it would be someone here, and likely someone drawing attention to it at roughly around the same time this thread was started.

My theory is that it's real, it's from someone here, and they want to get people talking about it. Eventually, someone will say, "Hey I figured it out"...and that will be them.