Fuzzy Bill Splitter (was split the bill)

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Aug 16, 2007
Hi all. Sorry to double post, but I had to change the name of Split the Bill (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=2837265#post2837265)to Fuzzy Bill Splitter as Split the Bill already exists as commercial software !! (www.jampaq.com/splitbill.htm)

I have never developed for windows mobile before so thought I would try it.
Made a little app that helps you split the bill at a restaurant.

Not pretty, and probably not that good, but hey I find it handy.

The idea is you fill in the Bill, the gratuity and the number of people to split it by and it gives you an amount that each should pay. This is rounded up to make sure you pay at least the bill + the gratuity.

Anyway, take a look, you may like you may not

No installer, just unzip and run. Only tested on a Touch so no idea what it will work on.
Needs .net 2 framework though.

So in honour of the new name I add a new requested alteration!

The default calculation now favours the punter not the restaurant. Basically where it would always make sure you paid at least the bill plus the gratuity, now it pays the closest to it with out making you pay more.

If you feel bad you can now go to the menu and click "Round Up" to make sure that the full gratuity is paid plus a bit!

Still working on themes though!!


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Dec 8, 2008
Doenst work.

If i tell it to Split 20,06 between 6 people it says 3,34 each..wich is bullshit and not 20,06.


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Jan 20, 2009
Doenst work.

If i tell it to Split 20,06 between 6 people it says 3,34 each..wich is bullshit and not 20,06.

well... you're right. but

20.06 / 6 = 3.3433333333333333333333333333...

and 3.34 * 6 = 20.04

meaning it will be a leak of 2 cents. But if you make

3.35 * 6 = 20.1

then you will be with 6 cents more. So the question is the following :

- will you make money on the back of your friends and keeping the 4 cents for you ?
- will you offer them 2 cents ?
- can anyone of your friends (or you) support the team in offering those 2 cents ?
- can two persons of your friends (with or without you) support the team in offering each 1 cent ?
- can you imagine given those 4 cents to the waitress ?

else, there is a solution: download the freeware "Spin the Bottle" and so you will be able to choose a volunteer to pay those 2 cents !

Anyways, the software can inform you that the results of the multiplication of the given infos (result of divider) is not exactly the same... or, at least, indicating the upper result, rounded, and writing that the addition of all parts is greater than the bill and that what remain will be for the waitress...



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Dec 8, 2008
I dont care about friends. Im looking for a programm to use in accounting to tell me how i can divide in such situations. So i thought if someone programmed a bill splitter it would tell me "4 times 3,34 € and 2 times 3,35 €" since there are no half cents in reality. Obviously i'm expecting to much....i mean whats the use of it...a caluator can do that..how can you tell it bill splitter if it doenst split but is a dumb calculator..
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