[FW] I9000XXJP3 Froyo Firmware Released!


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Jul 8, 2010
I9000XXJP3 Released DOWNLOAD HERE! - http://narod.ru/disk/23229231000/I9000XXJP3.7z.html

Moderator edit: multiupload mirrors here: http://www.multiupload.com/FB7ZO0CAAO, thanks to hargibi. /Moderator edit

Please keep in mind that this is a test firmware, not a firmware you would want to use for every-day use. I have not yet tested this firmware!


Was going through twitter pages and found this :):

Commented 1 Hour Ago:

Скоро JP3... :)
about 1 hour ago via web
Which translates to: Short JP3 ... :) (Which probably means 'JP3 to be released shortly?'

Also I found this-

In Samsung Firmware Twitter Page:

@andrew_in Link of jp3?
13 minutes ago via web in reply to andrew_in

And from 4PDA.RU forum andrew_in posted a comment in the Galaxy S thread saying:


Натестировались JP2?
Уж JP3 близится.
Which translates to:


Natestirovalis JP2?
Oh JP3 coming.
LINK to the post: Click Here

Could JP3 be released soon? Only time can tell now, hopefully it would be released soon!
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