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[Fydeos] How to install playstore and android apps ?

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May 11, 2013

I'm discovering Fydeos on my laptop, i've installed 8.1 build.

All is ok but i don't find where i can install google playstore and android apk.

I've gone in fydeos store -> chrome Apps -> play sotre, but it's web playstore and i can't install apps on my fydeos.
When i go on fydeos store -> android Apps -> There are only WPS and microsfot apps.

Can you help me please ?


Senior Member
May 3, 2015
Type the following commmands:

"sudo mount -o remount rw /" and press Enter

"cd etc" and press enter

"vim chrome_dev.conf" and press enter

Press 'Page Down' to get to the end of the file and then delete the lines that have zh-CN.

After that, the last line must be "--arc-start-mode=always-start", so change to it if you need



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Oct 23, 2013
Somewhere in Poland :D
Follow above.
Install openapps from Fyde OS - Store.
Working for me on v9.1 - Google Playstore - Asus laptop.
Hey, can you write what did you do exactly after editing that conf file, I even managed to login to my Google account, but I can't install anything from the fydeOS store, it downloads the file but nothing more happens :/. Do you maybe have telegram? I would like to ask few more questions. Thanks greetings.
Jun 11, 2011
i can't use vim it makes no sense i'd rather use gedit on ubuntu or some other less complicated text editor with a gui instead of that vim crap i'm so frustrated because i can barely use the linux terminal to navigate directories my apologies for this comment i'm just venting
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