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[FYI] dalingrin's 1.1Ghz Eclair kernel works on Honeycomb

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Senior Member
Jan 24, 2011
Thanks for the tip. 1.1 Ghz kernel is working fine on my NC. Since I am on Windows I couldn't clear dalvik cache. But still it works great; overall experience is smoother than the original kernel.


Senior Member
Jul 22, 2009
Any solution for the blinking android.

I have cleared the dalvik cache and try the three available kernels (950 mhz, 1.0 and 1.1 ghz) none will boot pass the android with blinking cursor. On regular eclair my nook can handle the 1.0 ghz kernel pretty well.

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    The Honeycomb thread is getting swamped right now, so i thought i would make this for those interested.

    The install of this is identical to the Froyo install method (but the Froyo kernel does not work! Use the Eclair) -

    Plug in the SD card to your computer (Linux/Mac is preferred)
    Download the Eclair 1.1Ghz Kernel Zip file
    Extract the zip somewhere you know.

    Open the SD card, and in the /boot partition, replace the uImage on the card with the one from the zip

    *This is where linux works best*
    If you have a linux/mac box, open the /data partition, and clear the contents of the dalvik-cache folder (but not the folder itself).

    Running quadrant advanced on this build -
    Before OC - 1450
    After OC - 1838

    And things are a bit smoother. Once again, thanks for your great work devs, and for your kernel dalingrin!
    Clear dalvik cache using adb

    adb remount
    adb shell rm -rf /system/sd/dalvik-cache

    For the windows users out there...

    Edit: Not actually sure if this will work as I'm currently burning the Honeycomb image as we speak....