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G.O.T 2.2.1 released( kernel)

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Jul 27, 2010
G.O.T 2.2.1 released

G.O.T is proud to finally be in a position to present to you the 2.2.1 firmware files you have all been waiting for.

We have also finished our work on our OpenRecovery modification for this and previous builds.

Lets start with the Credits:

- The entire G.O.T theme for sticking with me during the past week and the numerous IMs/calls/chats we have had to get this done in time. I, personally, feel honored to work with you guys!!
- The great nadlabak and skrilax_CZ. None of this would have been possible without your continuous dedication and support. Nadlabak, go-go-go with your CM6 We are sure once you launch your new edition of CM6, our firmware will no longer be needed by the users!!!
- DAGr8 and -fufu-. Your ideas and cooperation with us (especially our coders/scripters) took our OR to a whole new level. As such, the incremental jump to V2 of the OR is all due to you guys.
- he_stheone64 for agreeing to “licence” his Theme “SummerBlues” to us as the new and improved G.O.T theme. Thank you so much.
- All the other help we had from the people that worked with us day and night and who would like to remain “silent” contributors. You know we owe you a lot!!!

Here is what you need to know:

a) Contrary to previous releases, we would strongly recommend you to use our GOT OR V2.0.
One of the first things you should do is use the “Fix 2.2.1 bugs” selection in the new OR 2.2.1 menu after you flash the sbf file.
This tweak will fix some of the issues with the generic sbf build such as dual USB notifications, replacing some stock Motorola applications such as the old launcher/mediagallery and adding the Wireless Tethering application.
DO NOT USE after installing the G.O.T. theme, as the services.jar is different between both versions. If you did it anyhow, simply install the G.O.T theme again.
b) The sbf firmware files are all modified by us including the vulnerable recovery, so you can flash and root straight away (same as with our previous releases)
c) If you flash the firmware, you might encounter a reboot after the first boot. This is normal and expected behavior, so do not be alarmed
d) We can only provide you with full sbf releases at this moment. We strongly recommend not to use any backup from 2.1 related kernels as you are bound to get into trouble. The best approach is to install the apps you need from the market, set up your accounts and customize your device by hand. This is the only way you can guarantee that any issues encountered are not due to an incompatible data/settings backup.
e) Performing and restoring nandroid backup from 2.1based kernels will result in a bootloop unless you use our G.O.T V2.0 OpenRecovery (or any other ORs that have been updated to V1.44 of skrilax_CZ base). The simple reason is that we have worked together with Skrilax_CZ as we, and him, encountered issues when trying to restore 2.1 based nandroid images on top of the flashed 2.2.1 firmware. We are very happy our cooperation with him was as good as it was, and as such be in a position to already have solved this issue at launch.
f) We are extremely proud to give to you the new G.O.T Theme for 2.2.1. Some of you may see the familiarities to the SummerBluesTheme of he_stheone64. There is a reason for it – we are proud to be able to announce that he_stheone64 has worked with us, and agreed, that his SummerBluesTheme is now the new G.O.T theme.
g) NOTE: On some devices, we have encountered that rooting directly after flashing without rebooting after the initial flash can bring some issues with RootExplorer not asking for root permissions. To be safe, reboot after flash so that the “welcome to milestone” menu comes up, set up the device in general, then reboot to recovery and root the device as well as apply our 2.2.1 tweaks with Launcher, Services.jar fix and Wireless Tethering app.

Testing experience from our team regarding features and functionalities:

- AGPS works reliably, no trouble found
- Bluetooth works reliably, no trouble found
- WLAN works as before, no trouble found
- GPRS/HSDPA data works fine, no trouble found
- Framelimit of 30fps lifted
- Kernel 2.6.32 includes and supports the generic 2.2 features known
- Tethering app (3G Hotspot) included, but did not work for us (network provider needs to support this feature failures). We don’t know whether this is possible with your operator, but we have included the wireless tethering app in the Stock 2.2.1 tweaks
- Market needs fixing to show protected apps, bug solved by using the G.O.T fingerprint of build.prop and market fix (provided in 2.2.1 menu)
- Overclocking works fine with the modified overclock2.2.apk written (2.2.1 overclock menu will install it)


G.O.T OpenRecovery V2.0









These are all the firmware files we can provide at the moment. If we locate further sbfs, we will let you know. RTEU should work with most countries that have the European UMTS frequencies.


[How To] Install The New GOT Update On Milestone

[Info/brainstorming] Compiling modules for the 2.6.32 test kernel
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Apr 9, 2006
Toronto Canada
got it up and running and synched so far so good, quick question how do i install marketplace apps to the sd card I cant seem to see the option?


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Oct 6, 2009
Keswick, Ontario
Overall speed wise its great. The theme is slick. Battery life will be tested. But my wifi will not work. It does not like my linksys 400n router. It refuses to connect, it will try then stop and say disabled. Help would be appreciated :confused:


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Jun 11, 2010
Anything special to install the OR 2.0? SBF flashed fine for me and phone works, but when i run the update.zip it just stays on the logo without going into open recovery =/

EDIT: nvm, forgot to copy OpenRecovery to the root of sdcard..
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Mar 27, 2006
Just flashed.
But I have no idea what's "One of the first things you should do is use the “Fix 2.2.1 bugs” selection in the new OR 2.2.1 menu after you flash the sbf file. "


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Nov 17, 2008
Great News but i will have to wait, cause my Operator use 850MHz here in Brazil , Claro

And i dont want to loose 3G, if anyone in knows if its possible to save some items to replace i will be glad :D


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Apr 9, 2006
Toronto Canada
I've been running it for the last 4 hours and so far so good! I have the cpu set to 900mhz any recommendations for the vsel speed?

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Oct 5, 2007
After the initial sync with google everything went speedy.
Did the 2.2.1 fix before even setting up the phone.

I'm getting 1mbit more from my hsdpa (running 2.3mbit now, barely hit 1mbit before). Still way too low for hsdpa, but I suspect that's my carriers fault.

Rooting and theming (standard GOT CM6 theme). Very pretty.

But the phone seems sluggish for a few minutes after each bootup. I have not yet changed CPU speed.
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Nov 14, 2007
Buenos Aires
Great News but i will have to wait, cause my Operator use 850MHz here in Brazil , Claro

And i dont want to loose 3G, if anyone in knows if its possible to save some items to replace i will be glad :D

You can use the Telus version. It's from Canada. I'm in Argentina and can connect with full speed 3G (HSDPA)

JUST REMEMBER to take note of your APN settings, alright?


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Jul 8, 2010
i would like to know whats the normal vsel for 900 mhz too and the safest to undervolt at this speed


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Aug 24, 2010
Having a hard time installin the got theme, sbf flash works great, then when i install the theme its a constant reboot loop


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May 28, 2008


Feb 6, 2010
wlan doesnt work for me either. later i found a "dns fix" inside OR 2.2.1 mod menu but it didnt work as i thought it would. my HSPA works like charm tho. so i cant really say its a dns issue (or maybe it is, they might use different route table)


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Jul 18, 2009
I'm feeling a little crazy so I'm currently at 1.33GHz / 1330MHz with a vsel of 88. If that is likely to kill my phone and / or fry the CPU I'd appreciate someone telling me but the highest available overclock with the Milestone Overclock app is 1200MHz and 80 vsel.

For those running the themed version can you throw a few screenshots up? I don't mind the stock version and I'm cautious about installing a theme without seeing any images.

How do you install the ROM? It's an SBF file so you need RSD Lite. Look at the thread about rooting your Milestone for details on how to use RSD Lite to flash your phone with the SBF file. It'll also tell you how to install OpenRecovery which is a similar process to installing the new recovery with this.

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    Removing Market updates and changing the speed to 900MHz, 56Vsel have improved battery life. Very, very mild usage is roughly 65-70% per 24 hours, so now I can last an entire day with moderate usage. This ROM hasn't frozen or crashed on me either, so it's looking very promising.