[G1/32B]Blue Magic MKIIr1 "The Blue bus is calling us."[Not Updated yet still great!]

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Jan 11, 2010
[G1/32B]Blue Magic MKIIr1 "The Blue bus is calling us."[Not Updated yet still great!]


This is my personal Rom, made by me for me... But I think you might be interested.
At the moment there is nothing that's faster than SuperCSDIv4. Pure speed...
And the theme in use looks supersweet...
Well... Give it a try. It's nice to play around with this while waiting for a Legend dump :D

Overview: (have to update it for MK.II)

- Donut Rom
- Heavily Based on SuperCSDIv4.
- Fastest Rom!... Wreally FAST!
- 3D-Gaming Beast (on par with HTC 1.5 Roms, double the speed of superD w/o ramhack)
- ConMT - Multitouch included (in Gallery etc.)
- Awsome Bluest Day Theme from CaNaRi0N
- Merged "Elegance" theme in. (Like the launcher and caller)
- Font from enoidstar Theme
- Louder Volume Hack + Headset Boost from Meltus (will add EQ in future release)
- Spare parts (activate the option from Home app)
- Astro instead of Estrong
- SetCPU
- Removed SupSettings and other stuff
- Droidswap.
- Dolphin Browser (Better than Stock!)
- Hero Clock Widget
- Droid Clock Widget
- Some SuperD and Mytouch Fender parts mixed in
- Google Maps 4.0 (+navi) from brut
- Bluetooth File Transfer
- HTC Music app
- Some more Eye-Candy
- Some apps I would use
- 2.7 wysie Contacts
- Sound Recorder
- News & Weather
- USB tether
- Apn Settings included
- Apps2SD on Dream/G1 (not on sapphire) (took it from SuperD)
- Added JIT Dalvik and removed it again. No speed increase yet more force closes.
- Did I mention it's superfast?

-Check out the Additional Downloads!


- Wipe recommend. Also it might work without...
- You might want to add some 32MB/64Mb of swap. If you don't know how to add a swap partition, you can use preinstalled SwapDroid instead. You Won't need a partition for that - it creates a swap file.
(I recommend a swap partition nevertheless. You can leave swap enabled when connected to a PC + its faster)
- StockSPL on the G1? Should be possible with 1.7rc.
On 32b Magic/Mytouch3g you don't have to flash a different SPL.
- Flash it and enjoy.
- (And you might have to reboot it to run properly...)
- As any other dev, i'm not to blame in case of termonucular war...
- If you want to safe energy, go to SetCPU and do something like 128 to 528 Mhz + Advanced: Up Threshold about 55% + Set on Boot. Also Set Sleep/Standby profile to 128 to 245 Mhz
+ If you don't work with you're phone, you can disable swap partition. It will kill background processes and keep SD card usage low.
- Else: 528 to 528 + Governor to performance :p


- Phone will Reboot once after Installation (!) [It's not looping(!)]
+ Takes some minutes for 1st boot.
- When everything is set up, it doesn't hurt to reboot. (I don't but it might help for them force closes)

ALL Credits go to: (ALL. Didn't compile a single bit for this.)

- [email protected] for the epic superCSDIv4
- dadme for posting SuperCSDI here at xda-developers
- CaNaRi0N for his awsome Theme
- cacheinjection for the themed launcher (Taken from Elegance Theme)
- Mgeek for the awsome Browser
- jcarrz1 for the release of the Fender Rom
- Cyanogen for his oeuvre
- WesGarner for the zipAlign script (I know most Apps come zipaligned, but you never know...) and his Rom and everything.
- benbuchar for SuperD
- HtcClay for pointing me to the HTC Music App
- Michael Huang for SetCPU (Consider downloading donate version from market if you like it.)
- Any other dev that has devved something in here (@ google etc.)
- Meltus for his louder Volume Hack (and Equalizer)
- All Devs that helped with AOSP
- Brut.all for his Google Maps.
- Stericson for his Autosign Batch script
- 7Zip.org (lol)
- All the defs that are still working on Roms for 1st Gen Devices
- All the defs that made me what I am today: a flash-a-holic
- Everybody who likes to be acknoledged :cool:

- Get Compcache to work.Download Links in the next Post. ;)


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Jan 11, 2010
Changelog & Download

Be sure to check out the additional files at the bottom of the post!

1.3: Release (It's the Date :p)

1.3.1:[/URL] Lol... Release was never released due to issues with one-click-hosters...
- Launcher is now from Elegance theme. Looking great on the grass...
- No advanced launcher. Just a stock launcher with 5 screens.
- Metamorph is back
- HTC ime is gone [Force closes] (Download and install Swype from "Additional files" !!! It suits the theme so nicely...)
- Still SupSetup v2 is just closing without any further information... :/
(Download link removed)

- *Skipped*

- American Keyboard Layout for G1
- Apps2SD for G1(from SuperD)
- Cool Handsome Eye-Candy (Can be uninstalled through Astro)
*Cube Launcher
*Floating Image
*Htc Music
- SupSetup Deleted. Use DroidSwap and SetCPU instead. (was spanish, anyway :p)
- Metamorph is gone again.
- Probably some more Stuff I forgot .
(Download link removed)
>>Clear Version with working apn here thanks to XxKOLOHExX<<

- Stil no SMS. use handcent for now...
- forgot to include market... :/
- Fixed Headset bug for Dream users
- Added APN Data
- first boot faster
- Deleted CubeLauncher. Be shure to check out the update.zip for it.
- Added working Google Voice
- More things probably...
- forgot market

- SMS (finally!)
- Market is back back
- Google voice no longer in main package. Install from "Additional Files" below
- forgot to add spare parts. will hopefully be back in 1.5 ;) (don't click the button in the launcher. will lead to force close)

- Stock font (may upload other font as update.zip)
- Blue Themed Camcorder/Photo app is back
- Still no compcache :/
- Spare parts back
- Booting again faster.
- No Force Closes so far.
- running smoothly!

1.6rc (Changelog and Download)

1.6: (5. march 2010)
- Reverted to Wysies Contacts 2.7 (too lazy to theme it atm)
- Took Settings etc. from Fender Rom. It works fine but is english only. Sorry for international users... (like me :p)
- Hopefully A2SD is working 100% again. I recommend Ext2. Its the fastest.
- Deleted Deskclock as it didn't ring... alarm without sound is nonsense!
- Camera-Settings-Bug is fixed
- Headset on G1 fixed
- Added some more usefull stuff (like twidgit widget instead of swift, google googles etc...)
- Updated all the included 3rd party software
- After all: Most stable build so far.

1.7rc (Changelog and Download)[/B](11. march 2010)

1.7.: Skipped.. Didn't work. had to revert a lot for 1.8 :( [think it was the HTC IME...]

1.8 (15. march 2010):
-Added APN
-Equalizer from meltus (I hope it works for every phone...)
-Bassy as standard EQ. use his app or push the files from his equalizer thread...
-Stock font again (100% working + Chineese + whatever)
-IME from htcClay's fasttest. looks nicer. :)
-Updated Apps
-Many little things I forgot over the weekend... Just find out for yourself

Still no advanced launcher, default wallpaper in gallery, swap on default and compcache... stay tuned :p


1.9.: Again... No release.

MK.II (18. march 2010):

- Most awsome Donut. (lol)
- clear cache on every boot!! (Will provide Speed for generations... won't slow down for years ) (very proud. :) )
[If you like it, be shure to check out cachemate from market. its his idea... and he has invested a lot of time for clearing caches... Has a lot of options!]
- nexus like adw launcher2 (v.4) with previews...
- fixed the notification slider (goes all the way down, finally)
- added the default wallpaper to gallery
- Wallpaper-Gallery is all new! (For example the girls from cyanogen...)
- animations from Blur for now (but may change back in next version)
- CPU is set 128 to 512 mhz. may save some energy (but up threshold is 40... too low to actually save energy :p will play with it for the next build)
(If it's too slow for you, feel free to use setcpu)
- I have been working heavily on the theme, to make it smooth and less memory-consumpting.
- fixed some issues (issues that let me skipy 1.9)
- HTC IME as default keyboard instead of boring android one... (finally!)
- Some blur parts mixed in, for example animations (motorolla does phones, also :p)
- More Stable than 1.8 (messages work again).
- An awful lot besides that..
- Did I mention that it's superfast?
- close to perfect. only some grafical issues and no renice for htc ime at the moment (nothing overimportant..)
- Check out the new Screenshots below ;)
- hope you'll like it. please report ;)

I May have messed up the setup wizard. if you get force closes: install 1.8, boot once (and go through wizard). then flash MKII without wipe. sorry... <<Read

MKIIr1 (23. march):
-Blue Dots in Launcher
-Working HTC IME (probably the fastest - ever...)
-Renice to make stock, swype and htc keyboards more responsive
-setup wizard fixed.
-better terminal emulator
-updated apps+maps
-swap activates itsself
-clear cache revisited... thanks to android app critic for fixing it
-additional htc sounds and wallpapers
-new transition animations (report)
-Added EBI1/32a fix (download from additional files. flash over a fresh installation!)

now needs DANGERSPL on g1. Sorry for that. (may remove it again in the next build)
nevermind the force close on first boot. everything is fine ;)
Download: http://bit.ly/aR18ik
Mirror (AndroidSpin)

Additional Files: (Recommended)

Its usable and soooooooooo handsome!

For Clear Version (Donut Style) of Blue Magic, go here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=651263
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Jul 6, 2008
Arbuckle, CA
1.3: Release (It's the Date :p)
Uploading @ the moment and already found first bugs... force close on the HTC IME app also :/
gotta live with the stock keyboard for now.
Need sleep. Its late in Germany!

So will I be able to play with this in the next few minutes, or are you going to sleep and have to wait till tomorrow?


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Jan 11, 2010
Battery life depends on CPU settings.
Set it in Supsetup... darn it!
Next bug: SupSetup seems to need MetaMorph.
Will release a build without HTC Ime, with metamorph and new launcher theme later (why does every keyboard force close :/)
But in 6 Minutes you get your first beta to play with :cool:

So will I be able to play with this in the next few minutes, or are you going to sleep and have to wait till tomorrow?
Tonight, I'mma fight
'Til we see the sunlight :p


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Jan 11, 2010
lol, ok. im just wanted to make sure. ive been really disapointed today. flashed about three roms, all not fast so im hoping this will be different

Lol that's why I've startet this rom. I didn't like the looks of CSDI but no other rom was faster :D

/edit: stuck @ 93%... waiting but trying megaupload next... what the duce...
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Jan 11, 2010
No Upload service is working for me tonight... whats going on?
gonna upload it to my space for now. Mirror it tomorrow.
Sorry... not my fault those lousy web developers can't develop properly :eek:


Jun 6, 2009
This ROM actually looks really interesting. I haven't used any other ROM besides cyanogen b.c I can't stand not having good graphics. I will definitely give this a try if you can upload it. Go register on AndroidSpin, they have a nice server.


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Jan 11, 2010
This ROM actually looks really interesting. I haven't used any other ROM besides cyanogen b.c I can't stand not having good graphics. I will definitely give this a try if you can upload it. Go register on AndroidSpin, they have a nice server.

Thanks. Gonna do that tomorrow.
less than half an hour to go... but this time - it's for real :p
By the way I used the time to play around with the launcher.
Now using the launcher from Elegance. It suits the overall theme very nicely.
But it's no more the advanced launcher. may include it again tomorrow...
SupSetup is still not working... :/
Either I get it running tomorrow or I'll leave it out. Its in spanish anyway :p

Yeah well what shall I say?
Go see the first post if you want to get the pretty one...
Darn it... that rom cooking is harder than I thought.
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