[G93xF/FD/N] RENOVATE ICE 5.2 - AQH3 | Android 7.0 | DISCONTINUED


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Feb 21, 2011

Developers: mwilky, SoLdieR9312 & baadnewz

Official Testers: sswagonman, patensas, white7561, zafer61

  • G950FXXU1AQH3
  • Android 7.0
  • Knox set to 0x0 when booted
  • Fully working private mode
  • Support for G95XF/FD/N and G93XF/FD/N variants
  • Customizable AROMA installer with option to debloat & remove knox
  • Choose from no root, magisk or supersu
  • Choose from lots of different CSC features
  • Optimized for improved battery/perfomance
  • Tweaks app to control your experience
  • Device status set to official
  • 5 way reboot menu added
  • Added outdoor mode to settings
  • Added LED notifications to settings
  • Added extended animation values to settings
  • Added applock
  • Added screen recorder quicksettings tile
  • Removed OEM unlock toggle from settings to avoid accidentally re-locking device
  • Enabled SystemUI Tuner, activate by long press settings button in quicksettings panel
  • Alarm volume added to the volume control dialogue
  • Much more!


  • License Status
  • ROM Version
  • Nightly Changelog
  • Tweaks Version
  • Useful links in regards to the rom

System UI

  • Immersive Mode On / Off / Per App
  • Per App Auto Immersive Mode [Premium only]
  • Choose from left, center, right or no clock
  • Enabled/disable opening clock app when clicking on statusbar clock
  • Enable/disable battery icon in statusbar
  • Enable/disable double tap to sleep
  • Enable/disable multi user icon
  • Enable/disable battery bar & lots of customization
  • Choose number of compact quicksetting
  • Choose number of quicksetting rows/columns
  • Enable/disable brightness slider in quicksettings
  • Enable/disable locking of quicksettings pulldown while phone is locked
  • Enable/disable locked quicksettings to be usable when phone is locked
  • Enable/disable quick pulldown
  • Enable/disable blur effect on pulldown
  • Enable/disable removable system notifications
  • Enable/disable keyboard selection notification
  • Navigation bar custom height (Portrait mode)
  • Enable/disable all rotations
  • Enable/disable loud volume warning
  • Enable/disable high brightness warning
  • Enable/disable MTP-popup
  • Window animation scale control
  • Transition animation scale control
  • Animator duration scale control


  • Bixby button remap
  • Back button remap
  • Home button remap
  • Recents button remap
  • All remaps with custom app support


  • Camera flash battery % limit
  • Fingerprint/Iris unlock after reboot
  • Hide Iris preview on lockscreen
  • Randomize pin keypad on lockscreen (stock samsung theme only)
  • Enable/disable lockscreen help text
  • Enable/disable Secure screenshots


  • CSC selection
  • Enable/disable waking device when connection usb
  • Default app install location


  • Link statusbar colors
  • Colorable statusbar icons

  • Select color for navigation bar icons
  • Enable dynamic navigation bar color

  • Select color for header background
  • Select color for header text
  • Select color for header icons

  • Select color for quicksetting background
  • Select color for quicksetting title text
  • Select color for quicksetting "enabled" tiles
  • Select color for quicksetting "disabled" tiles
  • Select color for quicksetting divider
  • Select color for quicksetting brightness slider
  • Select color for quicksetting drag handle background
  • Select color for quicksetting drag handle icon

  • Allow/Do not allow transparency
  • Select color for notification background
  • Select color for notification title text
  • Select color for notification summary text
  • Select color for notification footer text
  • Select color for notification footer background

Backup and Restore

  • Backup your color settings
  • Restore color settings from backup
  • Revert to stock colors


  • License status
  • Monthly Subscription
  • 2,5 or 10 bucks donation


  • Check for app updates
  • Force English Language
  • Switch to Black Theme [Premium only]
  • Notify about nightly updates on start
  • Notify about nightly updates in background
  • Set the background checking frequency

5.2 or r216 is the last release with G93X support.

RENOVATE ICE G95X-G93X 5.2 - 18th November
MD5: 5d45c617630e358af8550f3dda48311c

  • added all changes from r178 (5.1 release) to r216 (latest stable version with AQH3 base)
  • End of support for G93X devices
  • Completely rebased on G950FXXU1AQH3
  • All previous mods/tweaks ported
  • Added option to enable/disable randomized pin numberpad on lockscreen @grouxho @thereassad
  • Added back quick unlock toggle - thanks @grouxho for fixes
  • Added full G93x support
  • Added option to enable/disable navbar (G93x only)
  • Added Samsung Dex removal
  • Fixed long press back for menu if long press back to kill app is disabled
  • Updated magisk to 13.6
  • Updated renovate kernel to AQH3
  • OFast cflag on kernel
  • CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE turned off (kernel)

  • Nightlies
  • Changelog
  • How to Flash ROM
  • How to use SVN
  • Firmware
  • Donation
  • Donators
  • FAQ

Telegram ROM News Channel

  • Keep up to date with us. We will link to new firmware and let you know if there is anything new.

Telegram ROM Support Chat [International]

Telegram ROM Support Chat [German]

  • Report bugs & ask whatever you need to know. ROM specific only.

Please do not take anything without asking us first. We will 99% allow you to use anything, just ask first though.
You cannot use any of our work which hasn't been released in an official ROM release unless given express permission.
We are not responsible for anything that happens to your device while using this ROM.
By using this ROM you agree with the above terms.

Thanks to @jesec for the kernel source and for the camera fix with custom kernels
Thanks to @Tkkg1994 for his kernel and his work for get it working on g93x devices

XDA:DevDB Information
[G93xF/FD/N] RENOVATE ICE 5.2 - AQH3 | Android 7.0 | DISCONTINUED, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

mwilky, SoLdieR9312
ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Firmware Required: TWRP Recovery

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 5.2
Stable Release Date: 2017-11-18

Created 2016-03-18
Last Updated 2018-02-12
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Feb 21, 2011
Previous Changelogs:​

Renovate EDGE 7.1.6[DQB7] (6th March)
  • added option to enable/disable immersive mode (full screen apps)
  • added option to backup/restore color settings in Renovate Home - thanks @~clumsy~ for the script help
  • updated ios emojis
  • hopefully fixed possibility of certain colors not applying at boot
  • fixed force close after reboot when hiding icons in tuner
  • fixed certain colors not resetting back to stock when return to stock is selected
  • selinux back to enforcing
  • fixed more system tampered flags for SafetyNet
  • zen iosched updated to v1.1

Renovate EDGE 7.1.5[DQB7] (3rd March)
  • added option to show/hide quicksettings brightness slider
  • added option to enable/disable ambient display
  • added option to enable/disable ambient display when device is picked up
  • added option to enable/disable vibration with ambient display pick up
  • added option to set the fade in time for ambient display
  • added option to set the fade in time for ambient display on pickup
  • added option to set the duration for an ambient display pulse
  • added option to set the fade out time for ambient display
  • added option to enable/disable long press back to kill app
  • added option to enable/disable fingerprint unlock without waking device
  • added long press recent app key config - choice of stock behaviour/kill app/menu
  • fixed safetynet for custom kernels
  • fixed possibility of 3 clocks showing if csc got corrupt/none supported csc was flashed
  • code cleanups

Renovate EDGE 7.1.0[DQB7] (24th Feb)
  • added back missing screen recorder
  • increased camera quality @zeroprobe
  • added option to color notification title text color
  • added option to color notification summary text color
  • added option to show/hide sfinder search bar in quicksettings
  • the two icons next to the brightness slider will now take the same color as the slider
  • added option to color notification footer background (this affects overflow background on lockscreen)
  • added support for transparent notifications
  • fixed animation value strings for english language
  • fixed app closing when granting permission
  • fixed encryption option

Renovate EDGE 6.0.1 [DQB3] (13th Feb)
  • added SystemUI Tuner. (Please read OP to find out how to use)
  • fixed white notification icons
  • reverted supersu to 2.78 sr4 to fix long reboots

Renovate EDGE 6.0.0 [DQB3] (8th Feb)
  • merged with DQB3 base
  • moved scritps to init.d
  • updated supersu (will lengthen reboots)
  • disabled fs_encryption + selinux reload policy in kernel

Renovate EDGE 5.3.0 [DPLT] (7th Feb)
  • added the awesome mcc selection in aroma - thanks @lyapota
  • added transparency support for the background behind the search bar
  • improved clean up scripts
  • removed dalvik wipe each flash (will speed up boot time after flashing massively)
  • fixed center clock appearing on the lockscreen
  • added option to make SafetyNet passable in renovate home
  • added screen recorder to scren capture toggle
  • renovate kernel is now based on superstock kernel from @Tkkg1994 - with modified ramdisk for the rom
  • enabled google assistant
  • removed redundant line from build.prop
  • hide lockscreen text tweaks now removes charging text
  • added option to enable/disable high brightness warning
  • added back LED settings to display settings
  • updated magisk and removed phh superuser
  • added back missing adaway
  • reworked installer (dont use quick install first time flashing this revision)
  • added back boot scripts for magisk root

Renovate EDGE 5.20 [DPLT] (27th Jan)
  • added color control for the whole notification page (only notification text color left to do):

    -header background color
    -header text color
    -header icon color

    -qucksettings background color
    -quicksettings label color
    -quicksettings toggle "on" color
    -quicksettings toggle "off" color
    -quicksettings divider color
    -quicksettings brightness slider color
    -quicksettings drag handle background color
    -quicksettings drag handle icon color

    -notification background color
  • added option to enable/disable the use of wifi, mobile data, bluetooth, location, hotspot and airplane mode toggles while on the lockscreen (not recommended)
  • added multi user support
  • added option to enable/disable multi user badge
  • new renovate kernel: (thanks @Tkkg1994 for all the help)

    -Selinux set to permissive
    -disabled all security features
  • this kernel now allows rom to be fully deodexed
  • added applock (thanks @Repulsa)
  • added option to be able to remove system notifications
  • updated magisk to 10.2 and updated superuser
  • custom csc support, please read the guide in aroma
  • added option to choose whether to mount system rw or ro
  • fixed opening camera from messages
  • tidy ups and improvements to installer

Renovate EDGE 5.1.0 [DPLT] (18th Jan)
  • disabled secure_storage and reverted to old secure_storage libs so no losing wifi password
  • fixed su.d scripts again
  • added back no root, this version will pass SafetyNet
  • if selected no root you will get the option to choose encrypted/decrypted data partition
  • added back option for magisk + phh superuser
  • removed twitter and dropbox from installer
  • installation improvements
  • system now mounts rw for rooted users
  • improved root cleanup script
  • updated supersu but kept fast reboot speed

Renovate EDGE 5.0.1 [DPLT] (15th Jan)
  • fixed sd card write permission
  • fixed apps closing when granting permission due to the sdcard write permission fix
  • fixed su.d scripts
  • new ios emojis included in the aroma option
  • removed magisk + phh for now, you will see why in later release
  • busybox now only gets flashed with supersu, non root users dont need busybox

Renovate EDGE 5.0 [BPIF] (13th Jan)
  • rebased on official nougat release G935FXXU1DPLT
  • added extended animation values (please let me know which language you chose in setup wizard if not working for you)
  • added option to enable/disable lockscreen help text
  • added option to enable/disable launching clock app when clicking on the notification panel/statusbar clock
  • added custom csc flashing (place csc files in storage/renovate/csc and it will flash with the rom)
  • enabled button light options in settings
  • added option to show/hide battery icon
  • added @osmosis root cleanup script each flash, modified it to support magisk and remember granted apps
  • disabled antimalware in device management
  • modifications to build.prop
  • cleanups/improvements to updater script
  • added option to enable/disable quick quicksettings (pulldown from right side to expand qs)
  • added option enable/disable double tap to sleep
  • added alarm volume to volume panel
  • added feedback to aroma on which csc gets installed
  • modem gets installed with rom
  • added option to enable/disable screen on when connecting/disconnecting from usb
  • added option to edit csc on the fly to use flipboard or upday in touchwiz
  • enabled night mode option in browser

Renovate EDGE 4.0 [BPIF]
  • rebased on G935FXXU1BPIF
    [*]all previous mods
    [*]fixes/improvements/tweaks brought in-line with the note 7 port rom
    [*]added Emergency mode
    [*]added lockscreen rotation tweak
    [*]added next alarm on lockscreen
    [*]added note 7 clock apk
    [*]fixed on/off colors for wifi/flashlight/airplane toggles etc
    [*]fixed vulkan libs
    [*]changed to systemless root
    [*]new RenoKernel

Renovate EDGE 3.2 [APG3] (18th August)
  • added option to show/hide help text on lockscreen
  • improved image quality
  • added option to change notification panel background color
  • reverted to init.d
  • fixed private mode
  • fixed cleanup each boot
  • added option to change notification text color
  • added option to change header background color
  • added option to change quicksettings background color
  • added option to change quicksettings button background color
  • added quicksetting text color option
  • added option to lock colors to default
  • added option to revert all colors to stock
  • fixed scrollable quicksettings tweak
  • added screenshot toggle (needs fullwipe)
  • added color tweaks for header text/icons
  • added color tweaks for quick setting icons on/off colors
  • removed unneeded files
  • added aroma option for color changes
  • added tons more fonts
  • set ro.config.tima to 0

Renovate EDGE 3.1 [APG3] (27th July)
  • Fixed Samsung internet
  • fixed googlepackageinstaller (overlays)
  • fixed do not disturb
  • removed smart block as it force closes
  • removed un-needed files
  • added XXV (Vietnam Unbranded) CSC Code
  • fixed scheduled messages force close

Renovate EDGE 3.0 [APG3] (22nd July)
  • Rebased on G935FXXS1APG3
  • All previous mods/tweaks/improvements
  • Added option for number of quicksetting columns
  • Removed un-needed text fromquicksettings panel
  • Added option to install ios emoji
  • Removed smart block from settings as the activity doesnt exist in our messages apk
  • Improved video quality
  • Added tweak for number of scrollable quicksettings
  • Quicksetting related tweaks now dont require a sysui reboot
  • Added tweak to show/hide brightness slider
  • Updated supersu

Renovate EDGE 2.1 [APEK] (20th June)
  • New and improved tweaks app
  • Added more CSC's to the selection
  • Fixed applock
  • Added a hosts file save/restore each flash
  • Removed more bloat
  • Improved smoothness
  • Removed init.d support and changed to su.d
  • Added cleanup script that runs each boot
  • Added sysrw/ro, bash and sqlite3 binaries
  • Added tweaks option to make system notifications removable
  • Added tweaks option to show/hide the "always use/use once" buttons

Renovate EDGE 2.0 (6th June)
  • Rebased on G935FXXU1APEK
  • All previous mods/tweaks ported
  • Brand new tweaks app (more will come with time)
  • Added tweaks option to show/hide sd card notification
  • Made unlocking the device via fingerprint possible after locking the device with a 3rd party app (samsung feature?)
  • Massive improvements to app removal in AROMA
  • Added touch key light duration to display settings
  • Added outdoor mode to display settings
  • Fixed force close going into fingerprint settings
  • Fixed battery level for S7 users
  • Fixed wifi passwords being forgot each boot for S7 users
  • Choosing quick install will no longer wipe device if last install was using full wipe
  • Fixed force close in microsoft apps
  • Allow fingerprint unlock after a reboot has been removed from aroma and is now a tweaks option
  • Added battery bar to tweaks app
  • Fully removed syscope, device status now shows official
  • Removed knox version from settings
  • Improvements to auto brightness
  • Added emergency mode in lock screen & security settings
  • Added applock
  • Added lots more CSC folders to installer
  • Updated all apps
  • Probably much more ive forgot!

Renovate EDGE 1.0 (4th April)
  • Added Renovate Home - toggle different ROM options
    Enable/Disable 180 degree rotation
    Hide/Show certain notification/icons
    Enable/Disable Quick Quicksetting (pulldown on right side of statusbar to open quicksettings)
    Enable/Disable new SMS messages turning the screen on
    Various other tools
  • Disabled loud volume warning
  • Added DPI scaling options to Settings
  • Added button light timeout to Settings
  • Added AROMA option to enabled fingerprint unlock after a reboot
  • Added TCE csc as AROMA option
  • Fixed/Improved app removals
  • Updated apps
  • Enabled Secret Mode in browser
  • Hidden software update from Settings
  • Added Call/SMS block to Settings
  • Added AROMA theme

Renovate EDGE beta 3 (29th March)
  • Fixed VR
  • Fixed loads of possible errors due to missing libGLESv3.so
  • All apps now support the multi window view
  • CSC cleanups
  • Ramdisk cleanups
  • Updater SuperSU

Renovate EDGE beta 2 (26th March)
  • Rebased on G935FXXU1APC8
  • Added AROMA installer
  • Fixed all installer issues from beta 1
  • Hopefully fixed SD Card, (please let me know)
  • Added 5 way reboot menu
  • Removed more bloat
  • Enabled Settings/Dev Options by default
  • Enabled adb by default
  • Removed sd card notification

Renovate Edge Beta 1 (17th March)
  • Initial release
  • Deodexed whole system
  • Standard Installer (AROMA will be in beta 2)
  • Rooted with SuperSU (systemless)
  • Added busybox
  • Added init.d support
  • System mounted RW
  • Insecure boot.img
  • Hopefully fixed RW permission to external SD
  • File cleanups on each boot
  • Enabled multi-languages
  • Added a load of extra CSC features
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Feb 21, 2011
SVN Guide

Step 1-3 is only for people who haven't set up the SVN yet, if you have already set up and just want to update to the newest revision, go to step 4

You will need:

  • A PC running a newish version of Windows
  • Tortoisesvn, choose 32 or 64 bit depending on your OS
  • An archive program, i recommend winrar

1. Setting up folder structure.

Once you have TortoiseSVN set up and installed, browse to a directory where you would like your ROM to be stored
Once your in that directory create a new folder and name it "RENOVATE"
Go inside that folder and create two more folders, name one "renovate-s7" and the other "renovate-flashable"

You don't have to use these names, it just makes things less confusing if you do.

To give you an idea on what these folders will do, "renovate-s7" is where you will download/update the rom/files to each time we make an update. Once you are up to date or at a revision you want to flash you then export the rom to "renovate-flashable" ready to flash on your device.

2. Downloading the ROM

Once you have completed step one, it is time to download the ROM.
Right click on the "renovate-s7" folder and click "SVN Checkout".

From here you will need to enter the url of the renovate rom project.
The link is which can also be found in the first post
Go ahead an enter the URL and press go

If all done correctly the ROM should start downloading, this could take a while depending on your internet speed. This is the one and only time you will have to download the full rom.

Once it has finished you will be left with the rom structure inside the "renovate-s7" folder. You can tell if everything has synced correctly as there will be a green tick on the folder icon.

3. Exporting and zipping

Open "renovate-s7" and you will see the rom structure. Your instincts will probably tell you to add this to a zip and then just flash on your phone, but as this is the folder linked with the SVN, there are hidden files which we don't want to include when we put it in our rom.zip ready to flash.
To get rid of these hidden files, all you need to do is right click "renovate-m7" folder, go to "tortoiseSVN" then click "export".

*If you have hidden files visible in windows you can skip the below steps and simply select all the folders apart from the .svn folder and zip them up and flash.

This will open a new window asking you to choose where to extract to, simply locate your "renovate-flashable" folder, click it, and click "select folder" to begin exporting

Once the export has finished, your going to want to zip up the rom so you can flash it.
Open "renovate-flashable" and select all the folders and contents
If you have winrar installed click "add to archive"
This will open a dialogue, all you need to do is set the the format to ".zip" not ".rar", choose a name for the zip and choose where to save it
Once you have done this click ok to start the zipping
Once finished this is your completed rom.zip, simply transfer this to your phones memory and flash in recovery :)

4. Updating

If we make an update to our rom, svn users can stay up to date change by change, and only by downloading the modified files, not the entire rom everytime.
To update to the latest revision all you need to do is right click on "renovate-s7" and select "SVN Update"

This will update all the changed files to the latest version, keepin you up to date.
Once the update is complete, you'll have to export the rom again (step 3) before zipping it up and flashing.
Before you export though, make sure you delete the previous revision from "renovate-flashable"

Once the old build is deleted, simply follow the "exporting" step again and you will be up to date with all the latest changes.
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Jan 17, 2013
@mwilky outstanding just in time I get my G935F in the mail Monday. Woohoo a deduced Rom. Hopefully we'll see 3minit soon enough.
Happy flashing to us

"And on that bombshell!"
Sent from my Smokin G935A