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Nov 17, 2014
Hi! I have a SM-G973U with TMB/XAA/TMB csc and carrier unlocked. Im currently out of US (Vietnam) and i cant use the sim.

Can the issue be solved if i flash U1 XAA firmware? Thank you.

P/s: I was able to use the sim for a while. But after an update (i dont remember, an A11 patch), cellular just stopped working. The sim is fine because im using it on another phone.
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Nov 17, 2014
These are very vague statements. Does the phone give you any error messages when you insert the SIM that you want to use?
The sim is still working, i can check my contacts with the sim inside. When i attempted to choose network provider in Settings, it gave me error message that it just cant. The flight mode icon on quick setting pane just greyed out (dimmed blue). Did a factory reset before and it didn't fix.
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Apr 30, 2021
I have Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973UI, Android 12, it is Network Locked to Sprint.
I use Global Unlocker and change provider to T-Mobile, but it remains network locked. I think they are both the same.
I am overseas and my GSM SIMM is not registering on the phone,but works on my other unlocked Samsung Galaxy 8 phone.
How do I unlock, will flashing a Custom Rom remove network lock?
Any Rom and instructions available?

Thanks for any assistance.


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Aug 12, 2010
Somewhere in Connecticut
Network lock usually means that the phone hasn't been fully paid for, so the network has locked it from "traveling" to another carrier. You have to get Sprint to unlock it for you, before it can be transitioned to any other carrier. There may be other ways to get past that, but those are typically illegal and so they are not up for discussion here on XDA.


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Nov 9, 2010
Twin Cities MN
How do I unlock, will flashing a Custom Rom remove network lock?
Any Rom and instructions available?
No, flashing firmware will never automatically network unlock a device.

If you're the original owner, then you can contact Sprint to do it for you

If you're not the original owner, you'll need to pay a professional 3rd party business to do it for you. You can DM me for a recommendation if needed/desired

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    (For those who don't know, G973U is the model number of all of the US carrier versions of the Galaxy S10. The G973U1 is the model number of the same device, but sold by Samsung SIM unlocked and with no carrier bloatware. Firmware is 100% interchangeable among any of those models.)

    The large files will be your 4 part firmware and then grab your desired USERDATA as well. I'll continue to add more versions and more USERDATAs over time.

    Happy flashing!

    U firmware: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=290645
    U1 firmware: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=290646


    - I compress extra small for space and bandwith savings. The default Windows extractor can't handle it, so you'll need a 3rd party tool like 7zip, WinRAR, etc

    - I remove the .md5 from each file solely for faster flashing (Odin won't check the file integrity without it). Rest assured, the files are perfectly fine and safe - Odin has a million safechecks built in.

    - My naming method for Android File Host folders is: build - bootloader - Android version.
    So "SAT - 1 - 9.0" means the full build number ends in SAT, it's bootloader version 1, and Android 9.0. When bootloader and Android versions increment, the first build to have those changes will have its folder notated appropriately.

    - HOME CSC file keeps data intact; using the other CSC will wipe data. Any zips with "wipe" in the title do not have a HOME CSC included.

    - SamFirm still works, if you want to download them yourself. I pay for a subscription to a site that gets beta builds and also gets the official releases before they hit SamFirm, so that's where my files come from

    - I have identical threads for the S10e and S10+ as well

    - Post #173 has the correct procedure for changing from one U firmware to a different U firmware, with proper bloat and carrier features, etc.

    - You can get USERDATAs from SamFirm for everything but AT&T and Cricket- those files will never be on SamFirm. So in addition to the 5 piece firmware, I'll try to always upload one USERDATA per bootloader increment for those carriers.

    - For USERDATAS (all the others are self explanatory):

    AIO = Cricket
    CCT = Xfinity Mobile (Comcast)
    CHA - Spectrum Mobile (Charter)
    TMK = Metro PCS
    VZW SD3 USERDATA has been added, for those who want it. Not gonna post the full firmware because you can get it from SamFirm under other carriers (specifically T-Mo or Xfinity)
    Interesting,thanks for info.so if i root both device and backup efs on broken one and flash it to new one. Will that work?
    You can't root them. And even if you could, no, that wouldn't work
    Is Verizon pushing anything newer than SBA (Feb 2019) yet? I saw some stories on April 1 but they had 973F as the model in the screen shots, not 973u.. so I wasn't sure if they were real.
    Everyone but Sprint and T-Mobile is still on SBA
    Hi @iBowToAndroid.
    I live in Spain and also bought an SM-G9730 which is also Qualcomm 855 processor.
    Do you know maybe if it's possible to change original firmware from Taiwan to another?
    I would like to have something fully compatible with Spain but here the S10 is Exynos version so I think it's difficult but maybe another Qualcomm version like USA or Canada (Multi CSC) could work.
    Thanks in advancep

    Enviado desde mi SM-G9730 mediante Tapatalk
    I have no idea. This thread is only for the U and U1 models