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Galaxy note 3 Greek users thread

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Senior Member
Guys can someone that had bought the phone from Greece (myne is from Plaisio) can go in the samsung dialer type


and tell me his exact 3 numbers?
Im asking this because the safe knox root method that @designgears gave and i passed it to my phone maked my phone appearing i thing with CSC from UK.. so if something huppened and i need to give it unrooted to service i will have problem. Thats why i need to inform @designgears in the Dela VeGa thread to make a csc for us Greek Users :)

Thx guys.

P.S. I speak for a stock unrooted Greek N9005

Edit: Nevermind.. @designgears had CSC allready for us :)
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Nov 28, 2008
I got my update yesterday. Battery life is better and the notifications for ananswered calls give you the option to call back or send sms.

When can we expect the KitKat update?
Any news on that?

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Oct 14, 2012
any of you that using battery saving mode, is your cpu frequency stay limited some time after enabling power saving mode?

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