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Mar 22, 2015
Google it. It's easy to find.

I have been searched in google..
But i found different build number on this site
My build number is LRX21V.N900SKSU0GPI1
That's not match..
I also search in the other site..still not found the same one..can you help me?


Jan 21, 2016
Hello friends, i try flash stock android firmware with odin metode on my note 3 Korean n900s but unfortunately at the final ,say nand write fail.After that I try to flash twrp for hlteskt variant Korean and again he pass but in my phone after plug off battery and plug on ,when I press those 3 button reboot in recovery clw mode not twrp.So wait yours advice guys to put twrp and flash custom rom, thanks in advance guys

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I forget to tell you that all these operation i made it with usb 2.0 cable.Maybe that why not work,what do you think?Must change the cable with original one usb 3.0 or not?


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Nov 14, 2013
how can i get GSM/CDMA/LTE option in networks i have sm-n900l phone rooted but there is no option

please tell which file to delete in root option to get theses options?

i ll b very thankful to u..

respect from pakistan users....
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New member
Sep 17, 2012
Phnom Penh
Please tell me can i flash a Sm-n900l stock rom on my sm-n900k phone ?? Please reply

please tell if you tried and if it worked.

I had the n900L stolen after a year and I got a ton of resources saved on my laptop for it
now I got the n900K but can't find latest firmwares for dload.
thx in advance for your reply


Aug 6, 2019
Anyone knows how to make my device recognized on my laptop? I installed many drivers still not good :( hope some1 read this. Im using sg note 3 n900l.

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