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Sep 12, 2012
Hey guys, I am trying to see if there is any way at all to make TTA-VOLTE work on my N900S.

Another phone I have here is Redmi Note 4x (mido), which I was able to apply the popular procedure here in Korea for VOLTE treatment on non-Korean devices. That is, to connect the phone with the diag driver and use EFS explorer to manually inject the pertinent profile files in appropriate directories. The only caveat AFAIK, is that this procedure is only applicable for Snapdragon APs. Most xiaomi phones available here fall in that category, I even saw someone get this done on his asus phone.

Sadly the Note 3 I have is Exynos-based, and dudes over at matcl are adamant AOSP (or any non-NX) roms lack provisions or codes critical for TTA-VOLTE. Just wondering if some creative souls out there found ways to circumvent this. Thanks!

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