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GALAXY NOTE 5: Is the scroll capture can only be used once?

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New member
Oct 18, 2015
Hi aĺl. Imma Note5 newbie. I am testing the scroll capture feature after watching the youtube demo. I tried on my contact lists which is awesome but while doing the capturing a message came in and when i got back to the captured scroll it is no longer there. So i decided to do it again but it said that "screen captured. No more content to capture".

I have restarted my note5 and do the cleaning at "smart manager" but it does not do anything. When i wanted to scroll capture the contact lists it says the same thing. I tried on my whatsapp lists and it is the same case that it would not allow second time scroll capture. It will only do static capture which is like screenshot but not svroll capture after it is done once.

Is there anyway to clear anything so that i can scroll capture the contact lists again?

Really appreciate your expertise. Salute.