GALAXY NOTE 8 - TWRP+MAGISK - DualSpeaker - Exynos & Snapdragon - ROOT - (26/03/2018)

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Sep 29, 2015
I find another dual speaker module working on my note8, but have the bug is the handset doesn't sound when answer the phone.
Don't know how to fix it, help me.

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Feb 20, 2012
the better solution i've make is download the modded .xml and compare with your own original .xml look for the different and figure out the "only" changes needed as I do the same and found some of the ready make .xml have too much differences that not exactly related to the route to earpiece mods and I do believe those extra/minus lines are the culprit that causing those weird weird issues.
Mar 13, 2017
Thanks a lot for the soundmod, it worked on my note 8 android pie. Amazing Masterpiece~!
But i wonder what's the code for speaker volume boosti would like to increase slightly a little bit more.
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Jun 1, 2019
Thanks a lot for the soundmod, it worked on my note 8 android pie. Amazing Masterpiece~!
But i wonder what's the code for speaker volume boosti would like to increase slightly a little bit more.

Me too it worked on android 9 (pie) exynos with the rom of Dr. Ketan, and me too I wonder what line to change to have a little more power on the speaker from the top

Thanks for this tutorial ! really nice job
in fact it's been a while that I'm watching this tutorial, but it's only today that I realized that we could click on the title crossed out

edit :
I doubt that the information is present in this tutorial
but it's not in my language and with the translator it's not easy
but I will look more closely when I have more time
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Mar 10, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
hi I have a Samsung galaxy note 8 exynos with lineage 17.1 on. the sound on the phone speaker is too low. I have found the mixer gain file. what do i need to do to increase to max safe level. i am also looking to enable dual speakers . how do i go about it. thanks for your help. I also have v4a installed.
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Aug 31, 2010
Durham, NC
this worked perfect on my recently rooted nougat note 8 snapdragon. THANK YOU!!!
i will say, copying the file and changing the permissions didnt work, flashing the zip in twrp did work great!!!!


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Aug 23, 2012
Which line on the mixer paths xml should i change to make ringtone and notifications sound also on the top speaker?

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    Hello Everyone,
    I hope you all are great...


    Don't Forget to say :good: THANKS :good:
    if you're very happy, please consider Donating to Support me, it means a lot even if it was little...

    EXYNOS: I have made SoundMod Magisk Module by Modifying my own mixers_path.xml & mixers_gain.xml
    SNAPDRAGON: I have made SoundMod Magisk Module Flashable TWRP (You can use Flashfire) by Modifying original mixer_paths_tavil.xml
    provided by louforgiveno
    He has Samsung Note 8 T-Mobile

    Download below:

    Make your own soundmod by following my guide here:
    dualspeaker soundmod tutorial guide - all devices - root only

    If you didn't, no worries I have Attached my Backup (EXYNOS & SNAPDRAGON)...
    You can Use it with MAGISK (Snapdragon device, doesn't have Magisk)
    You can Use it with TWRP
    Just extract the MANUAL zip and get the mixers and place them in your system/etc & set permissions to 644 (rw-r--r--) ...
    Re-Tested on my Note 8 Exynos...
    Still Works Great... :silly:

    Let me know if you face any issues...
    I Thank you for very much your help user louforgiveno ...
    --- TWRP file is flashable by flashfire reported by users...
    --- TWRP Bluetooth & Headphones (the file name having "_BT_HD_" ) Gain Modified by member rickberg, revised by me...

    --- Merged All Modules and produced one, DIY for volume change...
    --- Top Speaker as it is, created TWRP as well...
    - disabled bottom speaker upon request from Motawa88...

    The MOD can be used with any Equalizers, but wouldn't recommend it...
    If using Equalizer will cause crackles and noise, stop using and report back please so I could decrease the default volume...

    --- Viper4Araise Settings tested by an XDA Member:
    I use this version
    The pics will show the "main" items to change for volume increase (bass and treble settings to your liking....just be sure to enable the tabs of the items you want to hear changes to)
    And lastly remember each sound output will have its own config page ie headset, bluetooth etc.
    View attachment 4396153View attachment 4396154
    Sent from my God Mode 8

    DIY Volume Adjust
    ( You can only adjust the earpiece due to the hardware, you can not adjust it from the mixer)
    • SNAPDRAGON: to Adjust:
          <path name="earpiece">
      	<!--default is 84, safe up-to 95, can reach to 120, DANGEROUS above 95-->
      	<ctl name="RX0 Mix Digital Volume" value="90" />
    • EXYNOS: to Adjust:
      <!--default is 30, safe up-to 40, can reach to 60, DANGEROUS above 40-->
      <!--XDA-Dante63: Defining Ear start-->
         <ctl name="HPOUT3L Input 1 Volume" value="33" />
         <ctl name="HPOUT3R Input 1 Volume" value="33" />	
      <!--XDA-Dante63: Defining Ear end-->
         <path name="gain-media-headset">
           <!--default is 107, safe up-to 120, if you hate your ears and headset, go above 120-->
      	<ctl name="HPOUT2L Impedance Volume" value="107" />
      	<ctl name="HPOUT2R Impedance Volume" value="107" />
           <!--default is 32, safe up-to 40, if you hate your ears and headset, go above 40-->
      	<ctl name="HPOUT2L Input 1 Volume" value="40" />
      	<ctl name="HPOUT2R Input 1 Volume" value="40" />
    Don't Forget to say :good: THANKS :good:
    if you're very happy, please consider Donating to Support me, it means a lot even if it was little...

    Again I Say Please, your Feedbacks are important for futuristic updates to improve the MOD...
    Thread Changelog:
    --- suspending thread support here, it's time for you to make your own soundmod, I'll support you on the main thread...
    --- Fixed Oreo Exynos MOD...
    --- rebuilt Exynos SoundMod, it should play dualspeaker everywhere...
    --- Exynos Oreo released...
    --- TWRP updated, if you flash it more than once, it will not overwrite the backup created...
    --- Fixed Magisk...
    --- Thread Cleanup...
    --- Exynos Mod removed from Magisk repo...
    --- Merged Exynos Magisk MODs, re-released...
    --- Added TWRP for Exynos...
    --- Snapdragon MOD re-released (no changes, just rewrote it)
    --- TWRP has been updated, it will backup your current Mixers in the same path with file name as "mixername.xml.bak0", if you flash TWRP file twice you'll lose your Original...
    --- Fixed sound issues related to Snapdragon Module such as (Call requires to toggle speaker on then off for earpiece to work, some apps produce no sounds,etc)...
    --- Magisk Module updated to support V15 and above...
    --- Added Snapdragon Bluetooth & Headphones Gain Done by rickberg, Thank you...
    --- Added Snapdragon Modded & Original Mixers for those who forgot to backup...
    --- Removed Magisk for Snapdragon - Somehow I forgot you don't have Magisk, Added TWRP flashable...
    Current Complaints:
    --- None...

    Current Requests:
    --- None...

    Currently Doing:
    --- Nome...

    --- Thread Cleanup, Mod removed from Magisk repo, Exynos re-released + Added TWRP, snapdragon mod re-released...
    --- Multiple attempts for non-ROOT Method...
    --- EXYNOS increase Bluetooth/headphone volume...
    --- Disabled Bottom Speaker Upon Member Request...
    --- Added Original Mixers for those who forgot to backup...
    --- SNAPDRAGON MOD Release...
    --- SNAPDRAGON Bluetooth Volume Increase...

    Confirmed & Conclusions:
    --- it's not possible to modify without ROOT...
    --- Speaker Volume can't be adjusted...
    So would I be safe using this mod alongside of viper for the snapdragon phones? Also am I just flashing this with flash fire?
    Indeed it seems he has taken over lol...

    Alexander, looks like Lou got you taken care of, I was just saying what I'd read...That's a good compromise of the two audio mods. Will have to try that one. Thanks again lou! And yes, you too Dante! :)

    It was advised not to use any equalizers with this mod... the mod is set to where it doesn't crackle etc... anything beyond is with the use of EQ is at the users own risk...
    Same... I also prefer the copy/paste/change permission method as it just feels more complete/manual ...

    If only if you want to use any amplifiers/equalizers, the volume in the mixer file for the earpiece must be adjusted at lower level to avoid damage to the earpiece...
    I'll post the code you need to modify yourself, AGAIN the volume I put should be safe, if you decide to INCREASE it above what I put at least make sure not even a slight noise, distortion or crackle...

    Why I didn't set to the max volume, some music are amplified by default, in other words they are loud by default, it's like when you watch a prank video with your headset on loud volume and someone screams you'd say "rip ears", it's similar "rip earpiece", I set it to the max safe level possible so any change in music levels wouldn't do any harm to it...

    He means running a risk modifying the values in the file itself. The mod as it is does not introduce crackle or any other bad always the risk is yours as this is a MOD running outside of sammy specs.
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    ---------- Post added at 11:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:15 PM ----------

    Throughout my testing I've been doing the copy, paste, set permissions then reboot method and it works 100%. I use root explorer, also while noticeable it is not omnipresent...try a video file, hold phone landscape at a comfortable distance and listen for the effect. You didn't by chance install the "stock" file he posted did you?
    Sent from my God Mode 8
    Thank you for responding on my behalf @louforgiveno :D
    Please Help....
    I only want to increase headphone volume

    Currently, I am working on supporting Snapdragon phones...

    I'll look at volume levels later...