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Jan 21, 2019


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Jun 7, 2020
Someone with the HK version that you have in new code to Activate networks in the Menu Service? On android 11 it was *#*#276633683782#*#*


Jun 7, 2020
This thread discusses about the Hong Kong (TGY) / Taiwan (BRI) / China (CHC) variant of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (SM-G9980)
Feel free to post anything related to this variant of the S21 Ultra.

Details about SM-G9980
  • Dual Sim (SM-G9980/DS)
  • Snapdragon 888
  • Network Bands:
    • 2G GSM: GSM850, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900
    • 3G WCDMA: B1(2100), B2(1900), B5(850), B8(900)
    • 4G LTE Bands: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 34, 38, 39, 40, 41, 66
    • 5G Bands: n1(2100), n5(850), n41(2500), n78(3500), n79(4700)

Current Software Versions (Thread Updated: January 24, 2022 GMT)​

AP Version: TBC
CSC Version: TBC
Security Patch Level: 2022-01-01
•January 2022 Security Patch
•Overall stability of your device has been improved
•The latest Android security patch has been applied
•Device security has been further enhanced
•Visit Changelog links for more.
Hong Kong
CSC: Versión TGY
Versión CSC: TBC
Nivel de parche de seguridad: 2022-01-01
• Parche de seguridad de enero de 2022 • Se
mejoró la estabilidad general de su dispositivo
• Se aplicó el último parche de seguridad de Android • Se mejoró
aún más la seguridad del dispositivo
• Visite los enlaces de registro de cambios para obtener más información.
China (China abierta)
CSC: Versión CHC
Versión CSC: G9980CHC2BUL3
Nivel de parche de seguridad: 2021-12-01
• Parche de seguridad de diciembre de 2021
• Android 12 (ver enlaces de registro de cambios)

Detalles de la actualización de seguridad de Samsung: actualizaciones de seguridad
Enlace Sammobile: S21 Ultra SM-G9980
Enlaces de registro de cambios de Samsung:
Alguien con la versión HK que tiene en código nuevo para Activar redes en el Servicio de Menú? En Android 11 era *#*#276633683782#*#*


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Nov 20, 2014
quick question, might be stupid. Is it possible to flash the china version on a US s21 so that i could get the N1 band i need for 5g in europe?

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    Will we see may patch this week
    I have S21U g9980, unlocked bootloader. If I update firmware will I need to unlock again. On one UI 3.1 Android 11. Want to upgrade to 4.1 Android 12. Can I upgrade and retain bootloader unlock and root?
    Making that significant of an upgrade the way you'd probably want to backup your data and do a complete reflash of your device - This is what I did - DL your latest firmware 2 a PC... is my fave repository, and install the latest magisk on your phone. Use your PC to extract your ROM/firmware into a directory so you have the 4 files AP BL CP CSC and CSC_HOME which won't be necessary.

    I like my device encrypted because I'm a financier, but If you do like to use custom recovery Afaneh92 made a TWRP port that's compatible, you'll find it with a search TWRP s21 ultra, you can replace the recovery with that if you so desire

    Use your pc to copy the AP file to your device with MTP enabled - yes it's 7gb but that's why you bought the fast flagship right? LOL open magisk app and use it to patch the ap file in your downloads - then copy the results back to your PC. That's gonna go in the AP slot and will keep your root. your bootloader is unlocked that won't change with the upgrade as outlined.

    BACKUP your data - a full wipe is necessary for good results. Flash it all in Odin and enjoy your android 12.
    If you've lost root upon reboot, just use adb to reboot into download mode, and reflash just the modified .tar file patched by magisk with BL and HOME_CSC to keep from resetting your data again, and you should have root when you reinstall magisk.

    Quck instructions, there are much more detailed tutorials for each step but I figure you already know most of this. Install Safetynet and resetprops and you're golden.
    Can anyone with experience help me with native call recording in TGY firmware. Is it viable to move to CHC for call recording and while doing so will my data remain as it is or will I have to backup and clean install?
    CHC is a real pain - China isn't supposed to be compatible with Google Apps - so unless you want Tencent, BAIDU, or a real project with the ADB commandline or Root - I'd stick with TGY - you could tecnically use the Home_CSC and not lose your data but that's a dirty flash and can give you poor results, it's always better to backup your data and restore to a full flash when changing CSC by flashing ROM.

    Sorry I know that's not what you want to hear but I've had good results with Cube ACR if you need a good app - I may look into enabling it when my current project is finished.


    May 1, 2022 CVDD is finally out. I hope it fixes heating issues.
    TGY at CVD6 is back to running warm again while doing anything on your phone. I suggest you skip this update.
    Not seeing that beahviour on my device. Seems like a good update here.
    Anyone else want to share after a few days running it?
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    Some exynos versions getting it i think
    all versions have received the update as usual excluding our g9980 son of internet explorer
    Reading in Reddit about all the bugs in UI4 it may be an advantage that we are last. Perhaps some more bugs will get ironed out..
    If I haven't received the ****ty update today, I'll flash the USA XAA snapdragon version even if my phone dead 😭.
    If I've successfully did it I'll revert, but if not I'll put my dead phone into my A** 😅
    Good luck mate... give it another day.. if this is ur daily driver, dont lose warranty just for the heck of it... its a very very expensive piece of machinery :(

    Sad that a different nations regulations prevent u from receiving critical security patches!!
    Quick question, does anybody know if we can move away from the TGY/BRI CSC to any other Snapdragon variant??

    And still have a working rom?

    The intervention of china/hongkong carriers is scary to an entent that this is not the only update being purposefully delayed..

    Any advice from anyone who knows how to permanently move away to a different country rom is highly appreciated
    If I haven't received the ****ty update today, I'll flash the USA XAA snapdragon version even if my phone dead 😭.
    If I've successfully did it I'll revert, but if not I'll put my dead phone into my A** 😅
    BETA 5 added today to the usual folder