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Jan 3, 2018
Nice one

Looking good guys


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Dec 17, 2011
hi, im new here. looking if there's any way could improve my s7 camera.

from what i read, the zerocamera mod seem to be the best avaialble, am i correct? thanks,.
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Dec 5, 2011
Anyone managed to update the stock camera app from apkmirror on Oreo 8.0?

I've tried the secure startup trick but it doesn't work, and the error is just "App not installed"

Only trying to update from 7.6.39 to 7.6.48

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    Some brand new shots:



    So on my LG g4 I could take raw photos. Easily pull out the sd card then put it in my mac for use in lightroom.

    On my s7 I've read that raw photos only get saved internally, and only the jpeg to the sd card.

    Can someone confirm this? And if true, how do I easily get my raw photos to show up on my mac? I'm essentially trying to create a workflow with few steps but the s7 is a headache compared to the lg g4.

    No that's not totally correct. When you select Pro Mode (with NO custom tones selected) and RAW enabled the camera will output both the JPEG and DNG to the internal phone storage (sucky). The reason I think is to avoid performance issues when writing the RAW file to a card (as some people may use crappy SD cards and if you burst those shots the lag would be brutal). Even on my A6000 it has to buffer when I shoot in raw and burst mode. So would be worse on a phone.

    If you shoot in burst in auto or pro (jpeg only) then the file will save internally. If you shoot single shot JPEG Pro or Auto then it will be SD.

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    The more I get a chance to work with this phone's camera the more impressed I am by it.
    I hope to make some youtube tutorials soon on my workflow and techniques to get the most of this camera.

    As a photographer I am surprised of what I can capture and I feel confident in saying I can take quality photos I can print and frame. I own a Nokia 808 and a Lumia 1020 and this thing is far more versatile in it's ability to capture shots. The focus ability is on par of a real camera and definitely better than my old canon SLR.

    Anyways here are some more shots I captured this week.

    Spring Afternoon by Karl, on Flickr

    My daughter by Karl, on Flickr

    Blossoms by Karl, on Flickr

    Floral View by Karl, on Flickr
    Spring Walk by Karl, on Flickr
    Oklahoma storms. Pro mode1463202177359.jpg1463202196850.jpg1463202206190.jpg1463202226100.jpg

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    Thanks Gavin!
    From your Flickr photos it looks like you are a skilled photographer. Many beautiful pics from both lg4, s6, i6s and s7. I have to ask; what phone has the best smartphone camera in your opinion?
    From what I can see the S7 is good, but not great. What puts me off is the yellow tone in almost all pictures, the cartoonish look, the loss of details, and the blown out highlights in low light pictures and sometimes also in daylight. Ofcourse some of these problems are not just isolated to the S7.
    I`m not saying I will not buy the s7, but coming from the s6 it has to be an upgrade. I was really happy with my S6 until a warranty change from Sony to Isocell sensor. But now I`m on the look elsewhere.

    Thanks for your kind words!

    So far I would pick the S6 Edge+, Note 5 or LG V10 if cameras were all that mattered on your phone. However, I am getting some really good shots on the S7, and each day I will be publishing another post covering off different aspect of the S7 camera. Remember this phone has only just been released and its potential has not been fully exploited. I have the LG G5 coming very very soon so I would hold out until then. It is a great time for mobile photography.

    The single reason why I am so enthralled on the S7 is its speed to launch the camera and take a focused shot. Photography is not just about the pixel quality but being able to capture that magic moment. If you miss that moment, it doesn't matter what camera you have! I still have many detailed tests to do on the S7 camera as well, so my final verdict is still to come :)