Galaxy Tab Active 2. No odin / download mode.

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Jun 10, 2008
Long story long.
Friend buys a load of tablets at auction, buried in there is an almost brand new (looking) sm-t395.
When turned on, it goes to a home screen with 2 buttons at the bottom, "Administrator" and "User".
Of course, these appear to passwords and of course, we have no idea what they are despite the scribblings all over the boxes.
No problem, says I confidently. We'll factory reset it.
So I boot it into factory reset mode and it does nothing, other than tell me that MDM will prevent factory reset.
Duckduck go explains MDM is like KNOX, a lock to stop devices being reset but it also reveals that it is possible to flash the stock firmware back into it and voila. Which is how you deal with googles FRP essentially.
OK, thinks I, this is sammys version of googles FRP so I think, ok, ODIN.
Now I have used ODIN about 4 times in 10 years or so, so I am not entirely familiar but I know that the android device has to be in download mode and HERE is where my master plan falls apart.
I **cannot** get this thing to boot into download mode. Recovery mode, not a problem but ODIN mode, nah having none of it.
So, would someone please tell me what and indeed IF I am doing something wrong. Tried vol+, home then power then release at same time which takes me straight into recovery mode, same but with vol- does the same.
Am I urinating into an oncoming breeze or can this thing be salvaged? He's promised it me for payment for fixing the others. Usual stuff, cracked screens, faulty usb ports, run of the mill stuff.
Thanks for any assistance.
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