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Galaxy Tab Active2 pogo pinout

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Nov 5, 2012
Does anybody know what is the pinout of pogo pin connector of Tab Active2? Samsung itself does not provide much accesories so I'm quite conviced that it should be somewhere revealed.


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May 20, 2021
pin 1 idk
pin 2 idk

pin 3 ground
pin 4 v in (idk voltage)
pin 5 ground

pin 6 idk
pin 7 idk

i thought it might be normal usb 2.0 (something like +, -, ground, v, -, +) but idk only pins which aren't open lines with the usb port (only ones where the multimeter beeps in diode mode) is ground (pin 3 and 5) i know about the volt pin from a picture of a charging dock (edit: oh i forgot, that ^ picture)

i expect that pin 4 is just 5v in, but idk. if you find out more, please let me know
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May 17, 2008
I got my hands on a Galaxy Tab Active 2/3-charging dock (made by Brodit) yesterday. It's only equipped with the center three-pin-connector, has a short tail of cable with a 6-pin-connector (looks a bit like the one for PCIe grapics cards but only three pins are used) and comes with a suitable car power adapter.
I first opened up the car adapter, since I've anyway planned to user an wall adapter.
It has a three pin output:
yellow (thin): marked as "FB" (Feedback?)
red: Vout
black GND
The rating on the car adapter said 5VDC 3A

I connected my scope to FB and checked if there happens some sort of feedback, but nothing between 1s/div and 1µs/div): FB was simply high/5V as soon as the adapter got powered and all cables were connected, wheter the tablet was in the dock or not. So, probably not pogo-pin-relevant, although i guessed for something like charge speed detection, powering off the charger if no tablet is connected or cycling the charger off and on according to the charge level. Nope.

Checking the wiring bewteen charger and dock-pins by multimeter in diode-mode releaved the magic:

pin 3 GND
pin 4 Vout(5VDC) +FB
pin 5 GND

Since it seems to be all about symmetrics, for those who are interested in establishing a data connection it would probably an idea to guess something like
1 d-
2 d+
3 gnd
4 5VDC
5 gnd
6 d+
7 d-

If anyone needs further investigation on the dock or original charger, please feel free to ask!
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