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galaxy tab s6 error while updating

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New member
Oct 20, 2021
so i was in the middle of flashing a new rom onto my samsung tab s6 lite wifi edition when it randomly disconnected.
the recovery isnt working i cant get into fastboot either nor can i get into download mode any more im stuck on the
"an error has occured while updating the deivce software..." screen and smart switch isnt recognizing my tablet either.
i dont know what else to do anymore and i really wanna fix it cause i just bought it a few days ago. im also using the original
in the box cable if anyone is wondering. so far i have tried everything on which i was able to find a thread about. and i cant
find/see another way to fix it please someone help!


Sep 25, 2021
I had been through few error messages including the one you mentioned and so far have no problem re-flashing through ODIN.

The only thing I could think of is your computer USB software or hardware problem. It also might be the USB cable or the USB port compatibility issue where on certain devices, there's problem with USB v2.0, v3.0, v3.1. I'm using a mid-end PC for all my mobile 'operations' as there's a lot of issues with my high end computer.