Question Galaxy Tab S8 lagging in games compared to Tab S7

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Jun 1, 2022
Yes you have to run 4 adb Commands that also disables game booster and game launcher then GOS will stay disabled even after restart. I've done this and turn ram plus off. I also disabled or put into deep sleep all of the bs apps. I also went to advance features and turned off all of everything causes I don't use the s-pen so no need for air actions and stuff to be on. If you want the ADB commands let me know.
What's an adb commands? Yeah sure let me try it anyway.. thanks..


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    Yeah.. I think this is mainly what cause the problem.. The 8gen1 itself..

    a quick update regarding this from me..
    I've done some re-test in benchmark and real game perfomance but this time im doing it in a well conditioned (cooled) room..
    previously I was doing the test and gaming and in a room without any Air Conditioner and I lived in a tropical country which is really hot and humid...
    the benchmark results (3d wildlife) came out Nice in a well cooled room, It scores what most of Tab S8 would score and the real life perfomance (PS2 emulator) is also improved..
    it manages to handle GranTurismo 4 in aethersx2 with 3x reso on safe setting quite well..
    the CPU temperature is well managed in around 35'ish Celcius compared to 45'ish when not using any air conditioner...
    CPU temperature 35 Celsius degrees? Are you talking about an ABSOLUTE idle? Because even if you would put a bag of ice on the TAB it wouldn't sit that low under usage. Even small loads will put the CPU around 50-60 Celsius degrees. Under heavy load up to 85-90 till the thermal throttle hits in.

    Also, that ONE wildlife mark test doesn't do much. The idea is stability, better known as SUSTAINED performance, and that's where SD8 Gen 1 ****s itself. Try running a Wildlife standard stress test (20-minute loop) and post the screenshot, you'll see what I mean.
    The issue mainly lies in the SOC.

    Even though, SD8 Gen 1 has a much higher peak performance, especially in GPU, it can't sustain that performance due to excesive power consumption which results in thermal throttling.

    GOS is another thing that affects the whole experience, it's limiting the performance of the device.
    I put a heatsink were the cpu is it helps a little but don't do miracle
    Cool. I haven't had any issues on my tab s8 11inch with heating. I only use it to play one game though. I do have GOS disabled with adb Commands .
    And in addition (don't want to open another thread) it seems that S8 has more aggressive memory settings because it unloads apps from memory over time. Which never happened on S7. S8 has more memory and I think it should keep more opened apps, not reloading them. And yes, settings in developer section (do not keep activities) is not enabled
    This has to do to android 12, s7 was only on android 11, but also is on 12 now. So then it automatically puts apps into deep sleep. You can remove that under battery settings area and remove apps from deep sleep mode.

    About lagging it might be new game mode from samsung since apparently samsung did on purpose limit hardware but added a settings into app that let's you gain more performance in games. Should be in game engine or w.e name is and then settings and then Labs and enable experimental feature there that should boost performance and stop limit the hardware for game.
    When I replaces S7 it was already on Android 12 but I never observed such behavior. Anyway, I have put game into never sleep list. As about lags, unfortunately I found no options for that