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Aug 26, 2012
Also same issue, My SM-R860 was working fine, then I saw the notification about getting update, the device requires to reset. After I tapped on reset button, it totally brick. Cannot charge. Cannot turn on. Cannot reset by pushing both buttons. Always black screen. 😱😫😭
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May 23, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Notice in Samsung Member Apps.
Screenshot_20221108_074521_Samsung Members.jpg
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Jun 20, 2007
My Galaxy Watch4 bricked 2 day ago when attempting to connect to new phone... reboot never came back up. Phone is black screen of death since. No amount of charging or trying to hard reset works!
This sucks!!! maybe the last Galaxy watch I ever own.
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Jun 14, 2008
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Samsung Galaxy S22
R860XXU1GVK4 KOO Korea

If I translate from Korean to German... looks like ... they suggest to Backup data...

Otherwise maybe dataloss...

• Stabilization code application
Stabilization code related to power motion has been applied.
※ There may be an error during the update, so please back up the important data in advance.
* How to backup: Galaxy Wearable app - Watch Settings - Accounts and Backup -Data Backup Click

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After the OTA got installed I sensed that the watch was severely overheating. That's why it landed 10 minutes in the freezer (18 centigrades below the freezing point of water). That seems to have saved it. Btw, I have GWA4, but not LTE and not classic.

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    I've got mine back from repair center (through Amazon, not Samsung) and it took two months, one and a half just for the mobo to get shipped. I guess there's some kind of shortage, since so many GW4 got bricked after the update.

    Anyway now it prompts me to install GVK4 again, but I guess I'll pass even if the motherboard factory date is slight newer than the dead one ( August VS September 2021), so maybe is not affected...

    Edit: mine is a GW4 Classic, EU version.
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    Same issue, Galaxy Watch 4 bricked after manual power off no power on anymore. It's clear Samsung fault and wty MUST be extended by Samsung for all of you who has 1 year wty only! In my case I have 2 years. Nothing power them anymore even unplug battery doesn't help so nothing help at all. Bricked by Samsung wrong software R89xXXU1GVI3 and Samsung is fully responsible!
    I have been using shm mod and big fan of this project, so your quote " planting unnecessary doubts" is unacceptable to me, if I had to then why not earlier and what will I benefit out of it.
    My post is not specifically for shm mod but latest version of shm by samsung. Remember you are only modifying what Samsung's has released, if its already planted (bug) by original then you wouldn't know, my another theory is what if samsung is not happy with mods and what if they are restrict it, without updating to latest version of shm mod if I can still take ecg and bp then I would avoid rather then falling for it. This scenario is related to "when the watch reboots after the watch updates" it would be difficult to replicate and test the scenario without actually releasing an update.

    Take care
    Buddy, your whole post about wanting to know if the mod killing watches is offensive to me and my work, I don't tolerate anyone coming with no evidence of whatsoever at my works and without even raising the question with me...

    You say I mod what Samsung have implemented, I say you're wrong, the first version of the mod that was abandoned goes back to December 2020, and it didn't have half nor even quarter of what it has now, and from version to another, I always release full log on what Samsung pushed and changed in every update. I go through the entire code, and I check every new line to ensure the mod is always functional and see what else is new...

    You came here on a different thread without even getting any clarification on the mod saying what mod version people had while so many who had doubts have "asked" on my thread or messaged me directly...

    let me tell you about those who come to me, some have told me theories and scenarios and I'd literally test them to be able to give them the comfort that the theory is invalid, and if I had doubts or uncertainty, I would tell them the theory is possible but hopefully it's not the case...

    Devs on XDA here work hard for everyone to have tools to make their lives easier...

    And last thing I'd say to you, if you asked and I didn't answer within say 2 days, my response to you on this thread would be totally different, it would be just an answer and that's all but you didn't do that, I answer everyone, on Telegram, on XDA, on Reddit, on Instagram and on YouTube, I haven't missed a single DM or post without an answer... I'm dedicated to my work and providing necessary information when needed...

    How would you feel when you have done so much and wrote every single FAQ and have put ways to contact you and someone goes around saying "could this guy's work be the cause of problems, guys tell me when your device died, which version you were using before your device died"...

    No matter what you say, this is considered planting doubts and they are unnecessary, simply because you could've asked me...

    And if I didn't see your post (since you @ me thankfully), I would've started getting DMs and posts on thread about this and probably many messages/posts and I'd respond to them all by saying no, irrelevant, no connection...

    Kindly respect the Devs on XDA, we all work hard to provide everyone with what you need, so do please ask the Devs before sharing your thoughts, it will add unnecessary pressure on us...

    Let me invalidate your theory about mod, simply because
    1. It's different package name and so it's considered as if you're installing something else, you're not touching the original package...
    2. You said after restart, the first thing that loads is the kernel, and if the kernel is bad, nothing would ever run, the whole android you see isn't even constructed or loaded, this will invalidate the first point as well (if you'll say samsung decided to target the mod package name, since kernel didn't load, nothing can be queried)...
    3. Finally, you can sue any company that decides to kill the device because you installed something they don't like, to be precise...
    A. They violated user privacy by seeing what you have on your device...
    B. They really have no right to do that, they can only remove the mod, or make it unfunctonial or pop up message saying mods not allowed... look at bank apps, look at S-Pay, Samsung Health and Google pay, etc, they'd stop working, they wouldn't kill your device...
    Got mine bricked as well. Last samsung I will have for sure.
    see if this helps.
    Notice in Samsung Member Apps.
    Screenshot_20221108_074521_Samsung Members.jpg
    For anyone else, there is a reddit showing lots more people with the same issue.