Question Galaxy Watch 5 who not be upgrading

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Dec 12, 2004
The only factor that I might consider buying GW5 is that god damn FULL backup and restore option, rather than current imposter! However, I am pretty sure it won't happen so I'm with you guys, saving money!

But thinking of Pixel seriously, of course it will be after good reviews and fair price.
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Aug 7, 2022
I have the original galaxy watch. I will be upgrading to the 5 pro. I will say, I still love my galaxy watch, but want to try Wear OS and benefit from the new features and upgrades.


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I am with y'all, if there is no rotating bezel, I would not want to upgrade.

Also, I do not see the point of paying high dollars for a titanium/sapphire watch which will be obsolete before I finish paying for it. It makes sense to pay for titanium/sapphire on an analog watch which will last for many years, but not for something which will have a useful life measured in months.
Same for me. No rotating bezel no buy


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Jan 17, 2012
I might look at the Watch 5. I currently have the GW3 and still get a full day on a charge.

I can get past the lack of rotating bezel. But if Samsung still limits to 15% OPI in dim mode that's a definite deal breaker. Not sure if that's the case with Watchmaker on WearOS or not with the bigger battery.

I'll also be comparing to how the Pixel Watch does on the sleep and heart rate monitoring. Fitbit consistently rates the best, and the GW3 and GW4 are pretty middling reflecting Samsung's half-assed efforts on software/algorithms.
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Jul 19, 2011
I sent my 4 back because of the known overheating bug on the lte models.
So I am hoping this will have been fixed on the 5.
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Jan 17, 2012
I preordered a watch 5. I really like the idea of a temp sensor, for health and exercising. Also, the better screen. The screen on my watch 4 isn't great anymore. The screen protector somehow came off without me noticing and now I have scratches on it and scuffs on the edges. Hopefully the 5 will hold up better.
I don't think the temp sensor is that worthwhile. A lot of things affect skin temp throughout the day, and it's not really meaningful. I doubt it will give you a number while exercising.

I think most implementations measure skin temp while sleeping, which is a more controlled environment. And it reports a variance to a baseline average. Questionable, if somewhat unscientific, usefulness in recovery. Likewise for identifying/predicting early onset of illness. Might be useful for fertiliity tracking, and flagging that you're actually running a high temperature.
Battery life and upgraded Bio-sensor would major difference for upgrade GW4 Classic to GW5 Pro. Other HW specs mainly unchanged.
With my GW4 Classic, I am OK with the current charging needs. Also the current bio sensor is good enough my use. Apart from temp sensor, I haven't noticed any new functionality.
Disappointed in:
- non-availability of a smaller size GW5 pro, like 42mm, as I have slim wrists
- high price in EU/Netherlands without a generous trade-in programme, like $125 for old smartwatch in US.

I don't think I will upgrade...


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May 9, 2007
OnePlus 9 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Watch
Decided to trade up to Watch 5 with incentives (My GW4 has terrible battery, sensors, & performance! Also could not wait on a 1st generation Pixel Watch!) Pre order summary example: (usa with TMobile)

Galaxy Watch5, 44mm, Graphite, LTE
QTY: 1
Expected Delivery: Aug. 26
PRICE: $214.99 (was $359.99)

Instant Trade-in Discount:
Samsung - Galaxy Watch 4
PRICE: - $145.00

15W Wireless Charger Duo with Travel Adapter, Dark Gray
EP-P5400TBEGUS QTY: 1 PRICE: $0.00

Classic Extreme Sport Band, M/L, Black/Red

PAYMENT and taxes Total $245.00
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Jan 17, 2012
Battery life and upgraded Bio-sensor would major
The body fat% stuff is a gimmick.

But I'm waiting for reviews to see if they've improved on the HR and sleep tracking. Between the upgraded sensor and tweaking the curvature of the back for better fit maybe.

We'll see. I don't think any of these devices are using different sensors or methods for this stuff (Sammie's proprietary "biosensor" is mostly about marketing). The difference is in the software processing and algorithms. IMO, Sammie doesn't prioritize that and its accuracy suffers as a result.


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I just went through the Samsung Trade Up app process, they only valued my never wet immaculate Watch 4 44mm at AUD$175, so a Watch 5 Pro was still over AUD$600, they treat us like chumps in Australia

Ill keep the 4, and maybe wait for some rich ass who kneejerk ordered one but hates it after a week decides to try and cut his losses on local classifieds....better proposition than Samsung trade in....
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    Well I swapped my 4 for 5 pro. Never cared for the classic so the 5 pro is great! For me its so much better then the 4 that had no real battery life. I found myself never waring the 4 but this 5 pro.. man I love it far haha.
    I'm not upgrading, just like I'm keeping my fold3 and not going to 4. I feel like both just aren't enough of a change to make it worth the time, effort and money to switch everything over even with Samsungs preorder steep discount.
    What does this have to do with the Watch 4? Think you misread the sub.
    What does this have to do with the Watch 4? Think you misread the sub.
    No I was adding that my thoughts on the watch4 and 5pro are the same as my thoughts on the fold4.
    OK, now that I reread it, it makes since.
    Picked up the GW5 44mm (dark gray/black) new on eBay with an included "Magnetic D Buckle Sport Band, M/L, Black" which sells for $80 on Samsungs site. Not sure if I will like the D Buckle but to me it looks nice and since I got it for basically free can't hurt to try it out. Like others have mentioned here and other places online the Pro version just looks to thick (like a hockey puck) so passed on it but would have liked around 3 days of battery life. Wonder whatever happened to the Solar charging that was mentioned online 1/2 a year ago that might come to the GW5? Not one mention of it since the release of the GW5?
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    So originally I bought the Active 2 44mm on launch this watch served me well, until i upgraded to the Watch 4 44mm again on launch mainly because of Wear OS.

    Now with the Watch 5 just around the corner, I feel no compelling reason to upgrade again the Watch 4 does everything i need it to now & tbh once the novelty wore off, i just use the basic features of the watch like notifications & some health features, google pay every now & again & finally showing me the time nothing else.

    Splashing the cash again just to use the same features on something that newer seem a waste of money, more so in this current economical climate, so I'll be sticking with my Watch 4 until it's no longer supported or the battery dies which ever comes first.
    Well going from my original post I'll be sticking with the 4 for another year, nothing really on offer that makes me want to upgrade to the Watch 5.

    I think the major improvements will come with the Watch 6 next year hopefully.
    5: No bezel. No Classic model. No silver rim. No thanks.
    5 Pro: Only black (no silver). No bezel. Lots of price. No thanks.

    Same processor. Same screen size. Same resolution. Same memory. Same storage. Same sensors. Same WiFi. So the only real advantages are the battery bump, the non-Pro weighs a lot less (but only because the case is softer aluminum instead of stainless steel) and they have sapphire crystals.
    Is there a good reason to upgrade from the 4 classic to the 5 Pro?
    Battery life. It's utter **** on the GW4.
    What do others think of this?

    Like you mentioned, once the novelty wears off, one tends to use the same basic functions – all the fitness stuff is put on the back burner.

    Everyone and his brother sells a fitness smart watch. What about other users?

    I had an interesting conversation with my parents. They are in their 80s. They mentioned a friend who is almost blind. He has watch that speaks the time – what a feature. My mother told me of her neighbor who fell and could not get up. The SOS function would've been great. How about pressing a button and saying: "Bixby, I need help".

    The feature I use on my GW4 most, by far, is the alarm. I wish the vibrations were stronger. I could see having two or three vibration motors firing in parallel to make a super-duper strong vibration mode.

    I think "fitness" is overdone. Once the novelty wears off – ehh. It would be nice to have a smart watch that targets the features that people actually need.