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General Galaxy Z Fold 3 Discussion

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Jun 23, 2020
Yeah, I've avoided Bixby all this time. I don't like any 'assistants!

I caved today. It's fairly simple and works a treat. I'll consider using tasker when I get time off from playing with this bad boy... 😜
Read Bixby's EULA... it's not pretty.
If it was self contained I might use it... but only if I could change it's name🤣


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Oct 5, 2021
Bixby is alright. I like how it integrates well into the OneUI Framework apps and allows deeply integrated shortcuts while keeping me from repeating mundane tasks which would otherwise have required rooting and manually configuring AutoInput for every action.

Tasker is of course way more powerful and I can't live without it. I support every tool that gets the job done
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Mar 14, 2019
Does anyone here play pubg or bgmi or any other heavy game on their fold 3???
How much is SOT while playing these games???

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    How do you disable digital wellbeing ?
    Open digital wellbeing--> 3 dots --> settings --> deny access to user data. That should make it stop tracking and eating the battery. Since stats will show 0 mins once it's done.
    The screen protector on the cover screen is preinstalled and better quality than previous generation
    Thanx for the reply, I really appreciate it! 🙂 I knew Sammy started preinstalling a protector on their high end devices, (my Note 10+ & 20 Ultra had it), & the ZF3's main screen had the newer, more durable protector preinstalled, but I wasn't sure about the outer screen until now. I preordered the ZF3, (it'll arrive in the next couple days), & if I would have needed to order a protector for the outer screen I wanted to have it in time to install day 1, (I wasn't keen on using the phone without it), so the forums confirmation was a huge help!! 👍🏽 (the ocd is pleased, lol 🤣)!
    Why is there no dedicated forum for this device? (Galaxy Z Fold 3)
    What do you mean? You're in it. This thread is in the ZF3 forum.
    This is it, I'm in the UK, don't know anyone/anywhere in London with the speed you posted.
    I have hit 500 megs in London on EE 5g

    Here is a 400 example

    The SGZF3 arrived about 2 hours ago. Using and configuring the main screen is such a large paradigm shift from what I've been used to that taking the time to customize both screens will be quite the time sink. Should be fun though. +1 on starting a new tips and tricks thread!
    I ended up installing Nova (it's what I've used for eons on other devices). It works fine and has the benefit of running the same layout on both the cover screen and the main inside screen. Less laggy than One UI home, plus custom icons and gestures.