Question Galaxy Z Fold 3 Has Dual Sim and eSIM but not in the US Work Around Discussion ?

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Nov 2, 2021
Here is what I was told by Samsung:

"We have esim feature on Zfold3 and it will be enabled by next update. So please not to worry about it."


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Aug 18, 2009
Tampa, FL
Spoke to Samsung support and was basically told that all other previous reps were wrong. No Esim support in the US, not on the One UI 4.0 update


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Sep 29, 2012
South Florida
Hard to make sense of why Samsung would unblock it on the S21 and not on there big time Flagship Fold 3 ?

If your looking for hope here's a resent post from Samsung support saying eSIM will be supported in a later release after update to official software.

You can private message the dude there bust his chops try and nail him down to an exact eta.
Not that you can believe anything these fools say

Feel absolutely disgusted with Samsung and this whole eSim mess
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Sep 29, 2012
South Florida
Just got the second 4.0 update the Jan. Security update. Samsung still blocking US Esim support on the Fold 3

I messaged the support person in the above thread again asking why no Esim in this Jan update and got this reply


Security updates typically don't involve introducing new features as they need to be approved quick and such very few changes are put in to them. Please wait for next non security update.

One UI Beta Team
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So friends
We in EU are enough F.....Up with crappie Exynos on any other Sammys flagship except Fold/Flip. And before flip / fold a couple of years we haven't any chance to have a good Samsung with top SOC. Now that is the Sammys revenge. US users are F.... Up ;-)
And it is Sammy. Never makes the things 100% complete. Never!!!

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    Wow! I cannot imagine carrying two Fold devices!

    Stupid question: Have you contacted AT&T to ask whether/when a relevant firmware version has been/will be available?
    Yep. This was annoying especially when driving car.

    I don't expect any professional help from att after i tried to contact with them about cracked LCD they just said try to reboot your device and see if that will fix that. And also when i forgot my pattern they had only one solution to do a factory reset and see what will happen next.

    PS. I just flashed latest firmware from samfirm with ODIN and i got eSim working finally!!!!
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    Never buy a product with rumoured future specs ... If a feature is not there when you buy it, it may never come ...
    I the opposite my last iphone was a 4 and I will never go back
    Guys, Esim is finally here after almost one year. I

    Screenshot_20220615-064524_Call settings.jpg
    I hate NA! I wish we have eSIM. I really do need two lines on my primary
    I just need to know if an unlocked, dual-SIM UK variant (SM-F926B/DS), will be fully functional on the AT&T network? Will I get 5G/LTE? Will it update? Thanks!
    I used F626B for couple of weeks before sending it to my family in India. Here in US with AT&T, LTE worked flawlessly but could not get 5G to work. This is in SF bay area. It does not have all the 5G bands.