Gallery discover - Grouped by faces n things

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Mohamad Gahed

Senior Member
Feb 1, 2015
For me it created most of them auto after 2 days of using the phone

But then it stopped and till now it didn't add any new photo

Also i can't see the role of the fats npu as advertised in this exact scenario ?


New member
Jun 24, 2018
I don't think creating an album and putting the photos of the person you want the AI to learn from is the right thing. We want the AI to scan photos from any folder, and then group faces of the same person together in an pseudo auto-folder filter type thing in Discovery > People, of which you can then go and give that person a name. They are not really folders, but more like search filters.

I have the same problem as above - faces were detected and people "folders" created on the first couple of days using the phone.

Since then, I have added a tonne of old photos stored on my PC from previous phones, but none of the new people in there seem have been detected.

There must be a way to trigger the phone to scan these newly added photos...