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Nov 24, 2007
This is the first time this has happened to me and I figured I would share with XDA. Last night I was attempting to take a photo on my device outside in the dark. My battery on my device was only at 6%. When my battery gets low, my flash wont work on my phone. I thought I would be smart and turn torch on then go into camera and take my photo... Well needless to say, my phone power-cycled on. When my phone came back up, I went to my gallery to view the photo I took because it did snap. Well, all my photos were gone. Missing in Action.

Apparently when my phone power-cycled it dropped a file on my SD card called ".nomedia" This file was blocking my camera and my gallery from seeing photos on my SD card. What a shame. All I had to do was delete the.nomedia file. See image below to what it looks like.

After deleting this file and un-mounting my SD Card and re-mounting it, I could see the images in my gallery.


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