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[Game][05.26.09] Peg Jump

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Senior Member
Mar 26, 2008
Good ol' Peg Jump Game (Everyone remember this one ?)

How To Use:
Objective is to be left with one peg on the board by jumping pegs.
Tap on the Top Bar to open menu.

Comments/Suggestions are always welcome :)


Version 1.0
VGA Only (for now)

Version 1.1
Changed Menu Button Colors

Version 1.2
More Supported Screen Resolutions (VGA, , WVGA, QVGA, WQVGA)

Version 1.3
Fixed few minor bugs
Added results at the end, same as on original game

Version 1.5
Reworked the images = much smaller size
Fixed some bugs that ended the game too early

If you want to buy me a beer (helps the thought process :)), please consider donating. Thanks.

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Senior Member
Apr 4, 2007
good game, nice work! just them menu text colour needs changing to make it clearer.

thanks !

i have a request for another similar game if you can make one, cant remember the name of the game but you have to move pegs of different sizes over from one pole to another, but you can only place smaller pegs on top of bigger ones.

i will wpost more details when i find what im trying to describe.

its just a request may be you might be interested

thanks for this one by the way, good job


Senior Member
Aug 5, 2006
Cool, thanks!

My grandpa had one of these and I always used to play it at his house. There was a legend on it that told you how smart you were based on how many pegs you had left :) Good times!


New member
Jun 1, 2009
great game... however i'm using it on a Samsung Omnia i910 and the pegs are shifted up quite a bit. Kinda hard to tell which spots are open. Anyone else have this problem/solutions?