[GAME][2.2+] Gooboids : New arcades style game with innovative controls

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Mar 23, 2011
Hi there. I've just published by second Android game (My first game 'Outbreak: Zombie Apocalypse', which is no longer live, got a lot of great feedback here). It is called Gooboids, and here is the market link.

It is a classic arcade style game, which means it is not too easy! You start on level 1, and don't stop playing until you die, at which point you start again. Just like those classic arcade games, it doesn't hold your hand or auto-regenerate health and let you spawn over and over.

The game also features (what I think are) innovative controls. They sit either side of the screen and allow for pretty precise control over your Gooboid. The most important feature of the controls is that you can control the Gooboid without constantly looking at your fingers (a common problem with touch screen games due to the lack of tactile feedback), and they don't ever cover the screen while playing.

Some Screen shots:




Also there is a Facebook page and Twitter account, real website coming soon.

Thanks for your time!