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[GAME][2.2+] iTavli - Three backgammon like games 3.2

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Dec 18, 2013
Dear all,

I am pleased to inform you that version 5.2.6 is ready for download. This version has two interesting new features:

  • Improve the code that breaks a move into smaller moves so that it works in all outcomes of rolling the dice. In a nutshell, if you missed a single chip of your opponent when you move your chip, the computer will hit it for you
  • Automatically decline an invitation to a game when you are already inviting another player or you are being invited to a game

You can find more about these two features at the iTavli's page.

Enjoy the game,

Thank you

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    Hi everyone,

    I am really excited to announce my application "iTavli - Three backgammon like games", which is a board game. If you are familiar with the backgammon game, you will love the other two games: blockgammon (or plakoto) and narde (or fevga).

    The difference between these two games and the backgammon game, is that in the blockgammon game you block your opponent's single checker when you land on it, and in the narde game you can land your checkers in open or friendly occupied places.

    This app runs on Android devices running OS 2.2 and higher, is free of charge and you can download it at Google Play

    Version 3.0 was released yesterday, with the following new features:

    - New UI for tablets
    - Minor enhancements in the UI for smartphones
    - A player can resign an online game

    As with the iOS version, all games are free of charge, but with ads. Currently, you can not purchase the extra games (i.e., the Plakoto (or blockgammon) and the Fevga (or narde) game), but we plan to add this feature soon

    Please, do not hesitate to contact me for any question that you may have

    Thank you,

    Remembers my childhood days, The best part is online playing with friends