[GAME] MatroDroid 1.5


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Mar 28, 2011
Version 1.2 available!

MatroDroid - this is a great puzzle game based on a classical problem in graph theory. The reward for winning the levels are wonderful, romantic images of mountain landscapes, made exclusively for this game. 15 stages, 3 levels of difficulty, 15 exclusive photos.

In this version you can also set images as a wallpapers!!

Search "MatroDroid" in Android Market to download this app.

Version 1.3 available!

Hello everybody!!! We appreciate all your messages a lot!! So thank you for your participation!
We fixed the "last level" error, and to prove you our respect we added another 10 levels with another 10 coolest wallpapers! We revised out data storage mechanizm, so now with the .apk file of a same size you can get 25 levels. Besides, the quality of wallpapers is much better now, so you can realy enjoy them on your desktop!!!!

Version 1.4 available!
In this new version of MatroDroid we've added several new features:
- 2 player mode (now you can play MatroDroid with your friends)
- SD card installation support
- Small resolution screen support

Version 1.5 available!
- much more levels
- new game options

We can't still provide our posts here with direct links, so please search "matrodroid" on market for downloading.


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