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GameCenter - The next level gaming experience | Explore It On AppGallery

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Martin Bieber

Senior Member
Jul 23, 2020

In this post - I'm going to share about HUAWEI GameCenter - Official Game service and distribution platform from HUAWEI in 33 countries and regions all over the world!


About GameCenter

Huawei users in the Asia pacific, Europe, Latin American, the Middle East , Africa and other parks can now benefit from the rich gaming experience through the downloading and the use of HUAWEI GameCenter via the AppGallery, a hub designed to bring together mobile gaming audiences via high quality content and rewards.




✓ Users can play pre-order games, new games and popular games with GameCenter.

✓ When playing games users can benefit from the exclusive online game packages and deals that allow users to increase their profile, unlock new offers and enjoy tremendous benefits

✓ GameCenter is the global launching platform for functional games, which are unique on the platform of Huawei.

✓ Be one of the first to discover new games and explore new games

✓ Never miss out on popular games worldwide

✓ Enjoy region specific gifts and offers on GameCenter only.

Game Categories:

✓ Action, Card & Board, Puzzle & Casual, Role-playing, Sports games, and Strategy.

✓ Settings & Update notifications

✓ Enable Game Services

✓ Manage Games downloads, Comments etc



GameCenter helps the users to manage their Gifts, Rewards, Pre-orders, which list, check the history of the purchase, and more.



✓ Editor's Picks
✓ Featured New games
✓ Early access games




✓ You may like

✓ Most popular

✓ Monthly rankings

✓ Most fun games

What's in store the developers?

✓ Professional evaluation services are free for developers to gain feedback from other regions on the games.

✓ Huawei will provide technical support to developers who need to integrate their games with HMS Core

✓ Entry to the "Shining Star" scheme, which provides an equity fund of $1 billion and provides many programs. It involves a detailed product development life cycle, technology investment funds, user growth, marketing, and other developer aspects.

✓ When working with Huawei, developers are able to profit from the revenues.

✓ We also provide advertisement and promotional space within GameCenter for developers to attract more customers.

✓ HUAWEI GameCenter has collaborations with the world's leading game firms including Lilith, IGG, Gameloft, Forshow games etc.


Open AppGallery > search GameCenter > Download and install GameCenter


✓ GameCenter availability depends on your country or region

✓ Rollout of GameCenter and Services will begin soon - Stay tuned!


Go for a treat with featured Games and enjoy the next level gaming experience only on on GameCenter!

For details about Huawei developers and HMS, visit the website.
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