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Apr 11, 2014
Who is played brother in arm 2 on your XES ? I need your apk, cause I can't find it in google,help me please :'(

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Aug 15, 2013
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    Whats the trick to get angry birds racing one to work?

    Step1: Download and install the game (I downloaded it from Internet to get the sd data)
    Step2: Install GLTools (an alternative of Chainfire 3D for JB) from this link (there's a free ver for XDA members)
    Step3: open it -> click the name of the game
    Step4: Enable custom settings, force 16bit rendering, optimize glgl shaders, turn off AA, downscale texture to 0,5x and close.
    Step5 (Most important): Hit the small button on the lower left corner. It won't bite :v
    I want to share some of the tweaks that I use:


    What I do is use any app that handles your minfree values and change them, WILDLY.
    Any app like RAM manager pro, autokiller memory optimizer or even the V6 Supercharger script will do!
    Set totally extreme values like in the screenshot:
    Now what minfree value do is that they keep on killing applications, till that specific amount of RAM is free. In the screenshot, I have set crazy values for all kinds of background app(like keyboards, launchers, g-apps, etc.) categories, and a low value for foreground apps (for example, a game you're playing).
    This will cause all apps, except the app you're using (the game you're playing).
    Also navigate to proc/sys/vm/ and open vfs_cache_pressure as text, and change the number to 1000 (you can go greater too)
    Trust me, it'll make a difference !:cool:;)

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    @Revontheus Look; even if I collected the money and/or sold my E, I can't get another device; I'm twelve and what is this thirteen and my parents wouldn't allow it. Enjoy your phone whenever you get it, but people here won't thank you if you continuously told them you have a better phone and they should get one of them too.

    Oh, and your signature still says Thanatos; I'd fix that if it were me. ;)

    EDIT: Yes, the Compact looks (is) a great device; if I work hard and save up, my next device might be a Z3c. :p
    That doesn't matter. I assure you it makes a BIG difference.

    I have to agree with him. It really does make a difference. I used my Class 4, and then bought a Class 10 of 32 GB(My brother had an unused 16 GB laying in his drawer -.-...). It feels faster, and media loads faster. I have a 2GB ext2 partition and have this filled using link2sd. Works really well, I can assure you. The best performance you can expect from a phone like this!

    Have a nice day!

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    My friend and I also take interest in Xperia Phones namely SP,V and my J he has ZR

    We both plan to get our dream phone which is

    *wow it's nice to see really young developers ( 13 ) :D @NSDCars5

    Im around 18 turning 19 this august

    Duuuuudeeeeee. Stop the f*cking Z1 compact.

    Yes you have the money to buy a new phone. Yes, I'm happy for you. No, it's not fun to hear you tell about it.

    Sorry, man, but this is getting pretty annoying.

    Please stop, before I call a moderator in.


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