Gaming keymapper for Bliss OS x86?

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Mar 21, 2015
Is there any way to get a keymapper to work? I'm on the latest build, on a One Mix 1S, and I can't get any keymapper to work. Tincore doesn't handle the movement input very well. Octopus and Panda fail to launch games.
Or better yet, would it be possible for the devs to add a built-in keymapper to future builds, like Phoenix OS and Prime OS have?
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May 2, 2014
Yes, there is a way:
0 - Install bliss with read/write root folder privileges
1 - delete all files, except qwerty.idc and qwerty2.idc, from the folder /system/usr/idc (beware this can break some device pointers), use a root explorer
2 - Download USB/BT joystick center (2019 version is tooo laggy for me, search others versions in google, they are free except the 2019 version :good: )
3 - restart your system
4 - follow the instructions on USB joystick center help

Alternative for tincore:
add a tincore_mt.idc file to /system/usr/idc with this content:
# touch.deviceType = touchScreen | touchPad | pointer | default
touch.deviceType = touchScreen

# orientationAware
# touch.orientationAware = 0 or 1
touch.orientationAware = 0

#  gestureMode
# Definition: touch.gestureMode = pointer | spots | default
touch.gestureMode = spots

# Definition: device.internal = 0 | 1
device.internal = 1

This is compatible with gamepads, mouses and keyboards, tested in honkai impact 3rd ;)

Sorry for my english
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