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Blac Caesar

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Jul 31, 2012
Sorry I haven't posted anything here, yet. My main goal the past few days has been getting the 4.4.x GApps packages out the door with the new 2.0 installer. Once I catch my breath and am certain the new GApps installer is working properly, I'll get back to work here on Lollipop GApps.

Take your time, TKruzze.. Can't rush good work.
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    Thread closed due to op retirement
    Thread Closing Announcement

    After spending some time away from XDA, I have decided to take an extended break from providing and maintaining PA GApps. While I am leaving the door open to a possible return, I will be closing down my threads here on XDA at this time. And, although I won't be closing my XDA account, I probably won't be responding to PM's either.

    While I had considered a move to Google+, it became apparent that even though I would have more control over things on G+, more work would also be requried to maintain things to the standard I had previously set here on XDA. Clearly, this is not a valid option for me at this time.

    I'd like to thank the regular participants of my threads here on XDA. It was your participation and support that kept me motivated the past two years I've provided this free service and it's my interaction with you folks I'll miss most. Best of luck to y'all and perhaps our paths will cross again.
    Thread closed due to op retirement
    Thread closed due to op retirement
    Thread closed due to op retirement