Gateway of customization - Ultimate guide EFS/Root/Flashing ROM/Toolbox


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Apr 9, 2011
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Proposed Thread Index :
1.Root & Custom Recovery
2.Make backup of your data
3.How to Install custom ROM
4.Toolbox - Various useful tools for our device.
5.-9. Will be used as per needs.
How to root
So first step in world of customization is ROOT access on your device. and first post we have dedicated for instruction about how to root SGN4 and flash custom recovery. Guide will get updated as we gets more stuff to flash. Right now legend @Chainfire came as usual with privilege to root our device.
Here is Original thread for getting root access on SGN4. Big Thanks to @Chainfire - This method is for users still have stock recovery.
If you are already have custom recovery then simply flashing SuperSu zip enough to root your device.

Make EFS Backup



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Apr 9, 2011
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Noob friendly guide to clean install ROM.

Ok friend here posting some steps to clean Install ROM and how to keep device ready to clean install ROM with minimal risk of loosing data with keeping data restore handy.
I have devided this guide in Three sctions.

If you are first time flashing custom ROM then first part of this guide is not much helpful to you. Move to section 2 (installing ROM) as well read post#2

1.Pre Flashing - How to keep device ready to clean install ROM/Wipe
2.Installing ROM
3.Post flashing data restore.

1.Pre Flashing preparation and data backup management.(for rooted device)

Here for this I do prefer titanium with schedule backup to keep my data protected on daily basis and describing below how do I prefer to manage it.

Ok let's start with schedule backup with titanium. This step will secure you to keep your data backup everyday without your interference.

- Install Titanium backup from play store (features mentioned here best managed with Pro version only)
- Now open titanium application and select click to edit filter as shown in screenshot below

-In next screen select create label. see image below

-Now give this filter a desired label like here i gave data only in below screenshot. After this select add/remove elements in same screen. This is very inportnt step and you have to decide what elements you requires to backup daily. In my case giving you some examples like
contact storage ( look for contac storage green color to make contact backup), Messages (yellow colored) to make backup of SMS. like this. You can select your desired application data to make backup according your needs. But I strongly recommend to make backup od these two only from system application part. Though another important app is Launcher which can helpful to restore your launcher setting (Homescreen) for that you need to select TouchWiz home (red color). Also note that when you restore red color backup, select only to restore data only. we will discuss again in restoring section. Ok you can also select third party elements which changes data frequently. in my case I don't use stock launcher so selecting third party launcher so whenever i do change my homescreen setting, i need not to worry about it. Anyway it's enough to make clear what you have to select here is only application which data frequently get changes.
Once you finish this setup you will see your filter in nect screen

-Now come to main screen and select Schedule. See image below

-Now here you can see two pre defined rule here on ths page. see image below

-Select first rule by tapping on edit on first rule. Now next screen is very important and you will find three tables. Here in below screenshot as I shown select first tab to "Backup new user app and New version" This will ake backup of all user app which backup is not present. Also it will make re backup if you update application version.
second tab is keep no filtering so all user app will backup and third tab should setup to 'Any' so it can make backup without any power condition.
Also in lower part select desired day and time when to make backup. You can select daily or on selected day. I prefer to do during our sleeping time so it can do silently.

-Now click on edit button of second rule. This is for backup of all app and data for which you have created lebel.
Now on first table select 'All user App + System data" and in next table (filter) select label which you have created earlier. So this will make backup of only stuff which you have selected in add/removal elements while creating label. Also recommended to keep 'Any' under power condition of third table.
Same as before here defined your prefered time to make backup. Keep considerable time between first and second rule so app will remain free at time od backup of second rule.

-Ok most of setup is now finished and select menu key - preference from titanium app and Check mark 'Auto-Sync TB setting' This will save setting on SD card and when you install Titanium next time all above made setting will be retrived autometically.

-I prefer to keep titanium backup folder on Ext SD because many times you may needs to wipe IntSD too. Also prefereable to make periodic manual backup of titanium backup folder to PC from Ext SD card. you can set loaction from Menu - preernce - Backup folder location.

-also recommended to keep multiple copy of backup by selecting Number of backup under menu-preference. This is important when one backup failed then old to that backup may be useful

So this is all about keep device ready to make backup of your device anytime on daily basis. Though you can manually run scheduled backup by selecting 'RUN' in schedule-rule just before flashing ROM to assure latest settings are being backup already.

2.Flashing ROM

1.Flash your desired CWM/TWRP if you are still on stock recovery. - READ POST #2 FOR DETAIL ABOUT FLASHING RECOVERY.
Note that your device not required to be rooted to flash custom ROM. Just having CWM/TWRP (what is recommended by your ROM developer)
2.Download and copy ROM file to your SD card (Int/Ext)
(Here I am showing example of Philz recovery and some option may be different in case of you are using other recovery)
3.Reboot to recovery and select wipe data (for clean installation) (see image)

4.Select Install zip and then select zip from SD (where you copied) (see image)

5.Now wait here and don't immediately confirm by pressing 'yes' but wait till it finish md5 check. (see image) MUST READ
Once it finish md5, compare it with below provided md5 sum and select yes only if it matches. If it doesn't match that means your download is corrupted and needs to redownload.

Ok Next important thing to mentione here is management of bootloop

So many users experiences bootloop after flashing ROM, even after clean install. This is most of due to corrupt data and common issue on kitkat based ROM.
Here recommended steps in case you get bootloop.

1.Make sure you have checked MD5. I have desribed here how to check md5 on device above wit Philz recovery. I strongly recommend to check MD5 on device because sometime file can be corrupted while transffering from PCto device. In case you are using other recovery then you can use root explorer from play store to check MD5. Open root explorer - navigate to ROM file - Long press and select properties. Vait for some time while it finish calculating MD5 and once it matches with one provided on ROM thread.
2.Use recovery which is recommended by developer of ROM.
3.Before flashing ROM wipe data and then install ROM.
4.If still issue then you can try flashing stock recovery and then wipe data with stock recovery. NOTE that wiping data with stock recovery will erase all data from Int SD too.
5.Even after this issue persist then last final way is to flash stock ROM with Odin and then wipe data using stock recovery. After that follow install instruction as said above.

Now After successful flashing ROM last step is to restore data

3.Post flashing Restoring data.

1. First complete setup wizard and wait till you get homescreen. Now here wait for your device to become cool. On first boot after clean install media scanner will scan all drive and Index srvice also will run that will make device quite hot. and this depends on data on your device (5 to 30min) Don't intall anything during this period and wait till device gets cool. (This waiting period is optional but still recommended to prevent any unwanted issue)
2.Now reboot device and add your google account. If you have cloud backup for your contacts then let sync to finish and as soon as you add google account your contacts will be restored autometically. Ifyou don't want to sync contact data then immdiately open account-google and select 'Cancel sync' now you can manually select each option which you want to select if you needs selected data to sync only.
3.In case you don't sync contacts with google server then now time to restore from backup you made by other way. Apart from titanim other way to backup contacts is from contact application itself. for that you needs to make bachup before wiping device by
Contact - menu -Impoort/Export - export (SD/ExtSd)
If you have make backup this way then now restore it by doing this in reverse. Contact-men-Import/Export-Import (from where you created backup)
In case you have created backup by titanium then
Open titanium app - look for contact storage (green color) and select it - restore -data only. Remeber this step you have to do after adding google account only otherwise you can't see contacts.
Next is restore SMS
Open titanium - look for Messages (Yellow color) - select - restore -data only
Now reboot device and check contacts and messages are restored correcly
4.Restore rest of app and data.
For this open titanium - menu - batch action - Select "Restore missing app with data" option Here very important thing on next screen is to keep selected two option a.App + data and b.Exclude System apk. This option a will restore all your app including data like game level (may not with few app), credential of app, settings/preferences of app etc and option b will prevent any junk file of preveios ROM to inject.
After confirming of these two options now check list of app which going to restore. Have a look again and deselect any app you don't needs as well an app you don't know what is it (sometimes old ROM junk can be seen here)

Once restore process start, keep patience and let it finsh. During this time device getting hot is normal. and once restore finish, simply reboot device and open application whih requires to give auto notification. Also open applications manually which require root permission. Remember some application can't work unless you manually open it once after titanium restore.

Also to remind that if you find lots of application causing force closes after restoring titanium then may e your ROM is not fixed for it and you needs to Install TB restore fix from play store and needs to apply fix. Also to note you needs to do it everytime you restore titanium data.

OK friends I think lots for now and will update if I find anything missin here. Thiugh it's long to read but I can assure once you do it, you will never worry about wiping device. and it's one time investment to keep device clean

All the best and happy flahing !
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This is for users who first time ever flashing custom ROM.

First you should know difference between stock recovery and custom recovery at least visual difference. So if you don't know how stock recovery looks then first put device in recovery this way
Turn off device. Press Vol UP + Home + Power simultaneously. once you see samsing logo on screen just release power button and keep holding other two. Soon you will see some menu on screen. Note down options available and this is stock recovery. Now move On

1.First make backup of your contacts and SMS. you can do it without having device rooted too. For contacts you can sync with google account OR making backup locally from contact app-menu-Import/Export-Export to (USB/Rxt SD) I recommend ExtSD if you have ext SD card because sometime you needs to wipe IntSD card and may you lose data from IntSD (USB storage) For SM you can use samsung account OR offline with third party app like SMS Backup/Restore

2. Remember that for Installing custom ROM you don't needs to have device rooted. Just only having custom recovery (CWM/TWRP) is enough.
Here is guide to flash custom recovery.
First download tar OR tar.md5 format recovery. If you don't know where to get then seek help from ROM thread which you want to flash and get download link of recovery recommended by respective ROM developer.
Once you get custom recovery in tar format, you needs odin. Also make sure you have installed Kies OR Samsung USB drivers on your PC. I prefer samsung driver only.
Remember you don't connect device to PC while flashing with any extension cable. Simply use single cable to connect device with PC. If it is desktop machine then choose one from backside (direct connects to MoBo
Also make sure your machine's firewall is Off and also turn off antivirus if any you have installed on machine.

Now you are ready to go.

3.Turn off your device. Once it turn off completely, press three button Vol Down + Home + Power to put device in download mode.
Now you will see warning screen and press Volume up to continue
After this you will see green android logo and text Downloading...

4.Open Odin from PC and select PDA (On new version of Odin it will be AP) and navigate to custom recovery which you have downloaded in tar/tar.md5 version. See image below for No3

5.Connect your device to PC and soon ID:COM tab will be turn to different color once device is detected. (see No 1 in above Image)

6. Keep selected Auto reboot and Reset time as shown in Image above

7. Now click on start button (no5 in image above)

8.It will take few seconds to finish process and you will see Pass/RESET msg on first tab of Odin. Now you can disconnect device and it will auto reboot.

9.Turn off device and put device in recovery as said very first on this post. If your recovery is changed from first look of stock recovery then you have successfully finished first task. Now move to post 1 above and part 2 Installing ROM section to continue to flash custom ROM.

10.If even after flashing custom recovery you recovery not changes and same as stcok look you have before flashing then follow this.

11. Follow steps 3 to 5 above and after this uncheck Auto reboot option (no 2 in above image) and finish steps 7.

12. Now this time your device won't reboot auto but when you see Pass/REST msg simply disconnect devie and put device in recovery manually bu Vol UP + Home +Power (as said initially)

13.Now you should have custom recovery. and you are ready to proceed for Flashing custom ROM. Head toward post #1 avove section 2 (Installing ROM)

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Hey doc great to see u in note 4 section....well I am gonna ditch htc one m8 and go for note 4 as soon as it's launched in india and will wait for ur roms :) any idea when it will be available