GBoard - learned words backup

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Jan 14, 2011
Hello guys, could you advise how to backup and restore learned words in Gboard? Everytime I change my phone/ROM I have start from scratch.
I'll be wiping my phone tomorrow and I'd love not to lose all the learned words over past year again.

(WTF isn't this synced automatically within my account?)
(I don't mean the dictionary, this contains just a handful of words, not sure what's it's purpose)

Thank you for any advice! I'm rooted if any backuping app could help


Jan 30, 2013
There is no auto backup system in Gboard which is very much frustrating. But you can manually backup by yourself from Gboard settings> dictionary> personal dictionary then choose proper category, select three dot menu and select export. Better do this ever week. This is the only way I know. If you are Samsung user you can do this in a single click but you have to install GoodLock and routine module. For other brand you need to purchase tasker to do so. Search in YouTube how to use routine module or tasker. I have 1460+ word saved.