Question Gboard - Ongoing notification 'updating your typing experience'

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Apr 10, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Apologies if this has been asked/solved before, but whenever I install Gboard on my watch 4, after a day or two this notification comes up and I can't get rid of it or find what is causing it.

Have tried reinstalling (both phone and watch), done a reset of the watch, joined and unjoined the beta program to no avail. Any ideas how to get rid (other than just deleting the app obviously)?

Had the same issue.
Make sure gboard is set up as the keyboard you want to use in settings and continue.

I made sure that watch is connected via Bluetooth and enabled wifi on there as well.
Then I rebooted my watch and when it booted up i got this notification again. Now i opened up reminder or any other app which opens the keyboard.
Gboard will open and a little textbox will show up stating it will download a language.
I let it sit there until screen got dark and waited around 5 minutes. After that i checked my watch seeing the gboard notification had gone.