Gcam 6.1. 021 for Mate 10 [Night Sight]

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Jan 7, 2014
Works on my mate 10 pro on 8.0 but photo quality is much better on the stock emui camera app including night mode shots but still great to see the gcam working good!


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Oct 15, 2012
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Mar 6, 2011
How is a motionphotos working if it doesn't save the photos? App has one job, to save photos... Not spin around on screen and look pretty

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    Tested on Mate 10 and working well.
    Credits: Arnova8G2

    - Install the apk: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bY54oa_Ddy8db7BMZTxMLEybuxe9Qsh9
    - Disable motion photos
    - Enjoy
    Camera crashes on clicking shutter button
    Also can you post screenshot of the ideal sweet spot settings please?
    Ok so the app does work you just have to disable motion pictures and the rest is just adjusting the tuning of colors, i do think that the portrait is better then huawei camera its just takes a bit to play with the white balance and saturation.
    https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-arthur/#apk919 thats the link from all of those the only ones that work are GCamera_Mod_v.5.1.23_R4X.apk whether is version 20,21,22 or 23. There is really no need to play with settings only colors. Here ill post some pictures from portrait back and front cam and also pictures from back cam. Its hard to get a perfect color reproduction but just play with them and see what fits you honestly it seems like the pcitures have a filter apply but you can get really good shots . The one picture that looks more plain of the drawing that is normal camera huaweis camera. The one that looks like a filter apply thats the gcam. Cheers.
    Sorry guys i have bad news for you. Huawei and Honor have officially disabled support for Google camera in their latest EMUI 9. All who got the EMUI 9 will not get the taste of Google camera anymore until they will enable it again. According to the developer Urynx05.
    This was my biggest ever mistake i brought the honor phone. These people are disgusting. These people restrict users in all the way. You can't do anything with your mobile.
    1:- You can't unlock the bootloader
    2:- Now disabled the support of Google camera
    3:- Third party launchers are not working well with EMUI 9
    4:- You can't record the logcat. If you record the logact there will be no meaningful information.

    ArnovaG82 did the great job. He did so much hard work to make Google camera compatible with kirin devices. We were enjoying the Google camera on EMUI 8.2. we were happy about it but Huawei and Honor disabled completely in their latest EMUI 9 update.
    I am not gonna buy Honor/Huawei smartphone ever again because these people are not giving any freedom to the users.
    If Huawei/Honor don't like these things why dont they make their own operating system..
    Any news for a working GCam v6 on Pie (Mate 10 Pro)?
    Works in my Huawei Mate 10, with EMUI 8.0.0. However, colors are so pale both in night sight and normal mode. Also app crashed a few times during night sight.

    bsg mod settings ->saturation-> back camera -> highlight saturation 2,5 ->shadow saturation 2.2