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    This version is in beta stage, some things might work, some others dont. It was done for us but still needs a lot of work.

    General GCam:

    Photo Mode ✅
    12/12,5MP JPEG+RAW ✅
    Auxiliary Lens (need NM) ✅
    Video Mode ✅
    [email protected] ✅
    [email protected] ✅
    [email protected] ✅
    HDR Video ✅
    TimeLapse ✅
    Slow Motion ✅
    Portrait Mode ✅
    Face Retouch ✅
    PhotoBooth ❌
    Night Sight Mode ✅
    Panorama Mode ✅
    Photo Sphere ✅

    Exclusive Mi 11 Ultra:

    48/50MP - JPEG ✅ RAW ❌
    (only on Portrait Mode currently)
    Noise Modeler:
    IMX586 ❌
    GN2 ❌
    S5K3T2 ❌
    A. White Balance:
    IMX586 ❌
    GN2 ❌
    S5K3T2 ❌
    Stream Configs ❌
    Secundary Screen ❌

    {Mod edit}
    Thanks for the info, kindly update us when it's done.
    its done, we reached the goal ^^
    Deleted member 5408779
    {Mod edit}
    Thank you ;)

    Updated his version:
    - Version without blacklist (for 8k and super resolution tests)
    - 8K for devices with a 48MP sensor and a recent SOC or more 12GB of ram memory
    - HDR10 video only for recent devices
    - Super resolution in raw for oneplus device (7 and 8 series for moment)
    - Super resolution in jpeg for all devices, similar to stock camera ( works on portrait on many devices )

    - Attention changes have been made risk of bug with the xmls of the previous version.

    So you have 50/48MP JPEG ONLY on Portrait Mode, things need to be fixed and probably RAW might need Root and Magisk. Thats why it was important to {Mod edit} :)
    ah you get censored aswell. looks like you cant say donated in this forum :D