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Feb 21, 2011
This is a spreadsheet I got from LMC developer hasli channel . @Laptapper @SachiSK and all other developers out there make good use of it .
8.4 other version Sergey Rivov
8.3 version Sergey Rivov
where I can learn how to change lib values with hex editor using those spreadsheets?
Afaik super resolution doesn't add any information. It's not a 108mp snap. You need stock camera app for that.
I attached image informations from mrx.xml without Res-Option and the perfect shot.xml with Res-Option and at least the information out of miui cam with 108 MP.

See the difference by yourself. The picture is way larger and much more zoomable with Res-Option. But like I said. Far from 108 MP.


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Feb 20, 2014
I attached image informations from mrx.xml without Res-Option and the perfect shot.xml with Res-Option and at least the information out of miui cam with 108 MP.

See the difference by yourself. The picture is way larger and much more zoomable with Res-Option. But like I said. Far from 108 MP.
Exactly, it's not a 108mp snap, like I said.


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Jun 26, 2018
Stock has more sharpness and contrast and i also hate that, there is modified version of stock cam in which you can adjust sharpness but for that you need to Root your device.and i dont want to root my device just for that.

Currently using Mind Rom (miui base) and this has the same modified version of stock cam,you can control sharpness and now pictures looks good compared to stock cam, also it has lot of customisation options so you can give it a try.
Hello , can you mention it please.. .or the link


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Jan 17, 2016
Sharing shamim gcam mod with XML of a telegram user.
Checkout and comment

By : @Nayan942

• Increased details on all lenses
• Fine tunes for noise fixes
• Fixed Lenses not saving photo on harsh sunlight on all lenses
• Reduced Photo capture time on all lenses.
• Much more I forgot

~ Only use the apk I linked below, Official SGCAM apk won't work. My xml will only work with this Apk. Else don't blame me for noises.




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    This is what I meant with the healing brush effect. And from what I saw in the changelogs of LMC, the developer calls it motion artifact.
    All Xmls are near together.....
    In my opinion only the smallest things and the low light could be approved.

    Crops of @antykat , @Darkxstaar and @intelinside70, @Kairu135 and my showing the small details differences.
    In low light antykat is too dark....
    I'm on the way to get better evening pics without switching to night mode....
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    What's new!!

    - Added rampather support.
    - Added library loader for rampather. Thanks @Rivington and @I_User_X for Hex addresses and values. Thanks @IamVamsiK and @Madieljf for adding addresses as feild name.
    - Added lib-patcher button on viewfinder.
    - Added 20 Manual patcher for each lenses.
    - Fixed video mode for a11.
    - Added awb file loader support. Awb files link :-
    - Added noise modeler file loader support. Noise modeler files link :-
    - Fixed reported many bugs and optimized Many internal things.
    - Added longtap shortcut options on gesture settings and many more internal changes.

    Notes:- Maximum modification codes have written newly. So I will request to test every single settings.

    Unzip before use

    Pls try and write opinions and comparisons

    Sharing a good lib
    Recommend to try with an XML which have only a small setup (only lenses hardware and some standards in lib patcher, perhaps noise model) later you can go on with some small improvements....

    - Lib file for GCams (SGCAM, LMC, AGC) based on Google Camera v8.4
    - Merge method set to 1. The lib can be used with devices supporting Sabre.
    - Very detailed photos without over sharpness
    - Close to real colours
    - Natural looking photos
    - Worth to try 🙂

    - Significant improvements in sharpening
    - Other minor changes

    Creator: @antykat
    You can also try my xmls for 11T Pro. If you are lucky you will have to turn on deph camera only and cofigure lens ID.
    Thanks for sharing. I think i got your 11TPro xml working now for the RNP10Pro by configuring the lens ID. Attached for other people to try out.
    Xml update for LMC R15

    Cant remember changelogs from previous xml (perfect shot final xml)but fixed some issues in Cct and many other changes

    Sunny Lense AWB
    Xml and Lib for BSG 8.7.250 v7

    . Tweaked some sharp parameters from arcide Lib to make it a bit sharp
    . adjusted hdr contrast and many other parameters according to my taste
    . Load xml by double clicking between shutter and gallery preview ( can be loaded from settings too)
    . Go to settings Libraries/load custom Lib
    Select lib and Load

    .dont enable additional settings from settings/configuration of modes it will simply override Lib settings so you will dont get desired results from Lib
    . Stabilization will not work if you enable focus tracking

    .This is the Initial release Give your valuable Feedback to fix bugs in next update

    Credit:. @ArcideMusic For base Lib

    .gacam Link

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    20220901 Thread cleaned

    In case of deleted files from users in my editable folder, test ended here.

    I've followed the moderator suggestion about the sharing and the XDA rules, although I don't like to share with non XDA members.

    This first post is now with a link to GDrive with shared xmls and libs
    I've adjusted this folder that everyone can modify files inside.
    Please don't delete files, otherwise the test with the editable shared folder ends.


    The both root documents are editable by everyone....
    My final final KAIRU XML (?)

    This might just be my very last XML if no problems are found. (For LMC R12 Fix)

    Reduced the green tint on low-light (if it still persists then turn on AWB).

    Sharper and reveals even more details.
    Tuned the Wide camera and also fixed the distortion by changing the interface model, turns out it fixes the distortion only after capturing the image.

    Added a subtle but very nice beauty mode "✨". It is very nice especially on portrait shots / human shots because it hides a bit of the imperfections (but not too much like what a TikTok filter would). And has the same color profile as the Main lens. I also recommend this mode for a very good low-light or maybe even night pictures because it has very low noise

    Please give it a try!
    20220830 Moderator Information

    After a closer look at the thread, I find it is totally against XDA's standing on the way of sharing.
    As a forum user for years, I spent 20 minutes on this thread back and forth, trying to find the direct links to download files but repeatedly encounter such words "xx is in invitation group" and it leads me to nowhere.
    The whole thread will remain closed until I removed all off topic posts about "invitation group". And I believe this may take a few days.

    20220901 Moderator Information
    TL;DR: all sharing must be happening on XDA or use XDA as major platform

    Wall of Text

    This thread has been cleaned from off topic posts. You may notice that in total about 4 pages of posts are gone (147 vs 143).

    As posted by some users here, this is one of the largesst gcam thread on XDA and the only thread existing for gcam discussion for this device. Unfortunately, it is not very friendly to new gcam users. A newbie, like myself :p, would be 99.5% lost during browsering this thread and the files people talking about were nowhere to find. This must stop.

    I understand a developer's feeling of getting recognization, fulfilled, being needed, helpful, and credited. It is a great achievement to let your hard work to be used by many others. To a developer, getting feedback for sure is a critical way to improve the work. In this thread, I see many users are sharing their work and providiing feedback to each other, not only the main developer here, but each other. I belive in this gcam thread, everyone can develop and you are your own developer. Kudos to every "developers" here. :)

    I also understand the feeling of "losing your work" when you posted it but no one cares or use it without feedback, it feels like "stealing" or "underappreciated". But I believe that is only a tiny portion of users, especially on XDA. And the background reason also varies: some users are new to this development or shy to share or just want to cherry pick the best for themselves. XDA is on internet, and on internet, we see all kinds of people like in your work, in your life. We accept the fact that users are not all perfect but to see the beauty in it: sharing the work with others.

    From now on, please share the xml files directly on XDA. And for OP @Laptapper , I highly suggest you update the first post to include a repo or filehost or any format of summary you like to give others an overview of current progress. For example, you could release a monthly version and then continue ongoing test with users. This is just my suggestion and you have every right to select the way of sharing.

    In the end, I want to emphasize one point:
    all sharing must be happening on XDA or use XDA as major platform. Otherwise it is not allowed by our rules and content will be removed.

    Thanks for reading this wall of text. Hope you all have a good time developing! :D
    Sharing my personal config, arrived at after months of testing and tweaking:
    - For BSG MGC_8.1.101_A9_PV4, no library needed
    - Tested on M2101K6G (sweet)
    - Based on jeneeek's config (heavily tweaked for reduced noise, more accurate colours, better dynamic range)

    - All cameras configured (main, ultrawide, macro, front)
    Includes stabilised 4k video recording for all cameras (though GCam stabilisation isn't as good as on stock MIUI app)​
    - Photos are sharp and detailed, while still looking natural (no oversharpening halos etc)
    - Colours are natural and accurate but more punchy than stock (especially in low light)

    If you prefer instant photos you can turn off HDR+ Enhanced, but I recommend keeping it on as it gives you improved noise management in main cam, better preserved highlights in ultrawide, and more detail in macro/front at the cost of ~1 sec shutter time. Test for yourself if it's worth it.

    - No distortion correction in ultrawide
    - In some cases Night Sight photos may be more noisy than optimal
    - Viewfinder may get too dark to see well at night, you can turn on OpenGL preview to fix this

    This is a work in progress, so let me know what you think!
    hi guys
    this is the SACHISK MIXED xml with main lens and front cam from KAIRU FINAL -0-.
    in other words, all of Kairu's main lens natural and definition settings entered into Sachisk's XML. So we have the main camera from Kairu, and the rest (ultrawide lens and video recorder and other configs) from Sachisk. for LMC 8.4 x9s.

    i could not change AWB settings, so the main camera has all the settings from Kairu without AWB. AWB settings from Sachisk.

    from my last 3 2 and a half months, a LMC x9s is really quite stable, and an XML SACHISK MIXED presented the best compromise between functionality and good quality so far. I decided to mix the best of Kairu with the best of Sachisk according to my opinion.